Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture is owned by Sundial Brands, LLC, a subsidiary of Unilever. Shea Moisture is owned by Sundial Brands, LLC, a subsidiary of Unilever. The headquarters in New York City.


shea moisture

1. Shea Moisture founding:

First of all, Richelieu Dennis, Nyema Tubman, and Mary Dennis found Sundial Brands, LLC in 1991. The headquarters in New York City.  The business is famous for its natural and organic personal care products that target specifically at people of color.

Next, in 2017, Unilever acquire Sundial Brands. However, Shea Moisture continues to operate under its own brand name to creating many product suitable for hair and skin.

2. Shea Moisture optimal leadership

Under the leadership of Richelieu Dennis, the company launched the Community Commerce program, which supports women-led businesses. In addition, promotes economic empowerment in underserved communities around the world. Shea Moisture also supports various social justice initiatives and organizations. For example, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Black Lives Matter.

Overall, Shea Moisture has attraction to customers base on using natural ingredients and catering.  For examole, diverse hair and skin types, as well as its commitment to social responsibility. The leaders team of the brand are still active in its operations despite the purchase by Unilever, ensuring that its essential principles and mission remain in force.

3. Quality of the Shea Moiture brand

Over the years, the business has expand its product line invole to hair and body. For instance, hair care, skin care, bath and body products, all formulate with natural and organic ingredients. The brand has also launched sub-brands such as Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Manuka Honey & Yogurt, which cater to specific hair and skin needs.

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In recent years, Customers who think the brand becoming growing and losing focus on servicing people of color led to the company some problems. In response, the brand has renew its commitment to its core values and has launch initiatives to better engage with its community of customers.

4. Responsibility

Despite the challenges, individuals of color continue to enjoy Shea Moisture for its dedication to employing natural ingredients and fostering social responsibility. As the brand continues to it will be interesting to see how it adapts to changing consumer preferences and continues to serve its core audience.

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