Saxophone tattoos

Saxophone tattoos says a lot about the style and personality of the owner: firstly, he loves jazz, and secondly, he knows that the melody of this instrument can change unexpectedly – hence its symbolism. Wearing a saxophone tattoo signals the rest of the world not to categorize yourself and even that you are a rebellious creature.

The saxophone is the main musical instrument in the United States. Invented by Adolph Sachs in 1840, it is associated with popular music, jazz, the Bronx, and the Big Bang. Its characteristics as a musical instrument are captivating: a straight or curved tube with an expanding neck.

Here some Saxophone tattoos designs and their meaningful:

1. Realistic saxophone tattoos:

  • This is a tattoo that is made by playing with skin color to make the image look realistic. The artist uses a technique that gives color a place of honor.

Saxophone tattoos

2. Blues saxophone:

  • While this type of tattoo is full of color, it is for those who love nostalgic, bohemian, and passionate music.

Saxophone tattoos

3. Minimalistic saxophone tattoos:

Saxophone tattoos

  • These tattoos are often consider simple and uncomplicated, do in a single tone, with a play of transparency, thick outline and no shadows.

On the other hand, playing this musical instrument requires strength: one must breathe in and out with strength; another important symbol that should be mention. This is a way to show the rest of the world that you give all your strength and put all your heart and passion into what you do. Have you noticed that when you play this instrument is place at chest level? It embodies the passion that can be invest in achieving your goals. Saxophone tattoos and putting all your passion and power into their bodily work, here are a few slightly bohemian ideas to consider when embodying a tattoo that represents this beautiful instrument.

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