Social media is flooding with rumors claiming Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are ‘back together’ after nearly four months of separation.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn‘s breakup after six years together broke many fans’ hearts. The couple were much loved by the singer’s fandom. Over the years there had been rumors that the two were engaged. Rumors also claimed that they were headed for the aisle. However, the couple parted ways in early April this year. Now nearly four months after their split, rumors claiming that the two ex-lovers are back together have spread on Twitter.

Photo by Jackson Lee/GC Images
‘Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are back together’ rumors spread online

The ‘Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are back together’ rumors spread on Twitter after a post from a fake page. The fake page imitating the real pop culture page Pop Base, shared an old image of Taylor and Joe in public.

They claimed in their tweet that Taylor and Joe have reconciled as per “ET.” The full tweet read, “Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are back together after 5 months apart, ET confirms.” It is important to note that ET aka Entertainment Tonight has not released any report making the above mentioned claims.

The fake page merely mentioned a big outlet’s name to make their tweet seem more convincing to fans. However, many fans immediately understood that this was merely an attempt to spread misinformation. It is important to note that neither Taylor and Joe’s representatives nor any reputed outlet has confirmed the two are back together. Moreover, the fake Pop Base page which has only 175 followers at the time of writing, states “I’m not actually Pop Base” in their Twitter bio.