The undoing of The 1975 frontman Matty Healy will be studied in decades to come. However, just when I hoped he’d become a bit more cautious about what he’s spieling in public, the singer has been busted for allegedly talking smack about my girl Taylor Swift.

2023 has been a big year for the 34-year-old Brit. Most recently, he got a whole festival shut down in Malaysia and managed to piss a shit-ton of people off after he kissed his male bandmate on stage in protest of the country’s anti-LGBTQIA+ laws.

The stunt occurred after he’d broken up from Taylor Swift following their fling (which some suspected was a PR relo off the back of her shock split from Joe Alwyn).

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Now, Instagram gossip monger and doer of God’s work DeuxMoi has shared a submission from a follower that claimed a TikTok was doing the rounds of Matty continuing to be a POS.

Under the subject of “Matty and Taylor”, they said the attached clip showed “Matty talking about Taylor and complaining about her fans”.

“I can’t stand him,” they added and your words, not mine babes.

Alongside the submission, DeuxMoi overlaid a screenshot of the TikTok in question.

“POV: you hear someone next to you talking shit about Taylor Swift and it turns out to be Matty Healy,” the punter claimed in the caption.

They further alleged: “Matty saying how he is glad to be out of LA and away from Taylor Swift and her ‘stupid fucking Swifties’”. And, as a diehard Swiftie, I take offence to that.

In the screengrab, Matty appeared to be in a heated convo with a woman in a white shirt. However, it can’t be confirmed what the pair were *actually* talking about because, according to DeuxMoi, “the video has no sound”.

A subsequent submission was able to shed a bit more light on the TikTok, although the anon user couldn’t “comment on what was said in that convo re Matty talking about Taylor”. Sad face emoji.

They did, however, spill some tea on who the woman in the clip is.

“The girl he’s talking to is Meredith Mickelson, his ex fling from the start of the year,” they dished.

If the name Meredith Mickelson sounds familiar, it’s probs because Matty reportedly dropped the model like a hot potato just weeks before he went public with TayTay.

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The anon source also speculated that Matty and Meredith are “back together” because he’d recently “picked her up from the airport in Hawaii”.

And you know what they say: absence and a fuckload of controversial scandals makes the heart grow fonder.