Round the world 2

Round the world 2
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0 proposing a RST double . Double round-the-world voyage 2.0 Lt. Victor Moshnikov and Oleus 14 has completed the race round the world by sail 19 days 24 hours 23 minutes and 25 seconds, finishing ahead of the third place took Kotlin

and the fourth position went Le Santa Marija of Arvor. Fourteen double passages around the world become an absolute record for all times for the period of control NIMR. This great success of the project Round the world 2.0 shows the high strength and professionalism of our team trained by the best specialists from the Maritime University named after Vm. Chernyshev.

At the press conference principal of the 2.0 Marine Expedition AGM Konstantin Budarin noted that the project in the Australia 2.0 venture group is concluding the series of racing yachts at the 2.0 Yachts project, a series that began in the Round the world 1. 2016 in July.

Sailing instructions for round-the-world voyage/double-round-the-world voyage at 2.0 Yachts project (C24 contest).

Voyage rules Assizes Sailing Instructions of the Seaworthiness of crafts (sections IX, X and XI). II clauses of competences of bodies in ording to participate on attempt of round-the-world voyage/double-round-the-world voyage (C24 contest). General tables of points of flag 4 top ratings of the best rules.


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