Red String Tattoo

The red string tattoo design is a simple design that can refer to many different concepts and significances. It really comes down to who the owner is and what they want to represent with their red strings. If you decide to get one, you might choose to use more than one meaning if they work equally well for you.

Before you do decide to get a red string tattoo, you should get to know everything you can about the meanings and the ways that you can get yours designed. Below are just some of the more commonly used red string tattoo meanings as well as some information on how they can be designed and where they are usually placed on the body.

Red String Tattoo

Popular Red Thread Tattoo Meanings

The red string works as an aid, helping the two people find one another by somehow connecting them and keeping them close to each other. This is why you’ll find that people who get these tattoos usually have broken ends on their individual designs that line up perfectly when placed together. It’s mean to show that without each other, the two people do not feel like their whole selves.

Contrarily, the red string tattoo may have nothing to do with the red string of fate myth. Even when not representing the red string of fate, the red string tattoo design is a very commonly use as couple’s or marriage tattoos as the string signifies romantic connection. Two partners often receive this tattoo on their left ring fingers in lieu of wedding bands. Shared by two people, the string can be depicted as a curving or tangled line that depends on both partners placing their individual designs together to complete the image. This creates a stronger sense of connection as the tattoo depends on each person to appear complete.

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Red String Tattoo

Designs and Placement

The string can be design in many ways from a simple red line to a thin red string or much thicker red rope. The tone of color may vary as well from a pale red or even pinkish hue to a deep maroon or burgundy. It can also be render as a ribbon with white highlights to create a more realistic look. A delicate bow is often add to the red string to create a more feminine look and is often use for the tattoo of a female partner.

Other popular placement areas include shoulders and ankles. These are great spots to get red string tattoos if you want them to be a bit more hidden away, but not so hidden away that you can’t quickly show them off when you want to.

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