Purr-fectly Quirky: Hilarious Cat Antics Captured in Photos That Will Leave You in Stitches


Cats may have a reputation for being cool, calm and sophisticated, but these images put paid to that idea.

People from around the world have been sharing snaps of their felines in all manner of compromising positions.

And the photos in this hilarious gallery, curated by Bored Panda, suggest the felines could be some of the weirdest creatures in the animal kingdom.

One of the pictures shows a cat looking sheepish after being caught tucking into a cake, while another features two tiny kittens curled up asleep in their dinner bowls.

Here, Femail reveals the snaps that prove cats may not always be elegant, but they can always be trusted to put a smile on your face.

Are you meant to be eating that? This moggie, thought to be from the US, has the grace to look slightly ashamed after being caught in action while scoffing a cake

This adorable tiny kitten, who is entranced by the computer screen, couldn't help but melt even the coldest of hearts

Feeling flexible feline! This cat, believed to be in the US, managed to squeeze themselves between the bars of a radiator to take a snooze

Double the trouble! These adorable moggies snuggled down for a sleep in a cushion shaped like a banana

Aren't you meant to be an omnivore? This little kitten, believed to be in the US, couldn't take his eyes off the pizza cooking away in the oven

Feeling cosy and comfortable? One cat couldn't help but close his eyes in satisfaction as he curled up inside a walking shoe

Enjoying the topsy-turvy view! One owner wasn't convinced their cat was particularly comfortable upside down

Having a cat nap! Another person was left surprised to see one creature tucked between the blinds on a window

What do you call a group of cats? This collection of felines made one owner chuckle after he found them all sitting in a circle, apparently enjoying a meeting

A curled up cat! After devouring their dinner, these two little kittens couldn't help but snuggle down to sleep in their food bowls

Keeping watch! One owner, whose location is unknown, was left surprised when he found his cat was glaring out from beneath his cupboards at him

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10669595/Totally-hiss-terical-Hilarious-images-cats-extremely-weird.html

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