Private Instagram Viewer for Account & Profile

Private Instagram viewer software allows you to examine images and other actions on private Instagram accounts. It is designed to assist individuals who have been blocked or whose following has been denied by the account owner.

You can also see the content and activity of the target person on Instagram using these tools, regardless of whether they blocked you or has not accepted your follow request.

We have researched and evaluated more than 50+ and shortlisted the six best Private Instagram viewer apps based on their features, pros and cons, and free trial data.

Private Instagram

1) Private Instagram Glassagram – Best for Tracking and viewing Instagram accounts

Glassagram is one of the best Instagram spy apps that monitors various phone activities, such as phone calls, GPS locations, social media, etc. It helps you manage your child’s account and restrict them from seeing unwanted, harmful, and illegal content.

Private Instagram


  • Offers effortless data synchronization
  • It enables you to access your kid’s Instagram activity.
  • It helps you to block users, configure settings, and unfollow various target phone activities like call and messages.
  • Keylogger features allow you to read everything they type
  • You will get full access to the targeted private Instagram account
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
You can access the photo gallery of a particular device Offers very limited features on the basic plan.
You can monitor and track your devices from a single dashboard. Some features are only available exclusively to the iOS platform
It is not required to root or jailbreak your device

Key Specs:

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows
Pricing: Plans starting at $14.99 per month.
Refund Policy: Lifetime free basic plan

2) mSpy – Best overall Instagram Viewer App

mSpy is one of the apps for tracking Instagram on your mobile phone without having to root or jailbreak your device. You can send direct messages sent via Instagram with the help of this mobile spying app. It helps you to prevent your kids from becoming victims of online predators and track the activities of the suspicious spouse.

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Private Instagram


  • View all the followers of any Instagram account, regardless of whether you follow them or not.
  • Read all received, sent, or even deleted Instagram direct messages from any contact.
  • View all photos, videos, attachments, and other media on Instagram.
  • Gain remote access to all activities and data of any Instagram account while remaining invisible and undetected. No app icon will be displayed.
  • Not only Instagram you can track various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, etc.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Provides activity updates of the targeted phone after every 5 minutes. Not a very cost-effective Instagram spying app.
It allows you to remote access your kid’s Instagram activity with mSpy.
You can manipulate phone calls, GPS location, and more.
It offers live demo support.

Key Specs:

Supported platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad
Pricing: Plan starting at $11.66 a month when booked for a Year
Refund Policy: 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

3) xMobi – Best for accessing private account media data anonymously

xMobi is one of the best private Instagram viewer apps that allows you to access someone’s Instagram profile without using your own IG account. It makes your information completely private. This App also helps you to access photos and video content from your private Instagram accounts without logging into your IG account.

Private Instagram


  • You don’t require It does not require any software to be installed on your computer or phone.
  • The connection to this site is secure and reliable due to SSL certification.
  • You do not need to give any personal information to use the xMobi platform.
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👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It is one of the best Instagram private account viewers without human verification You must know the username of the Instagram user you want to spy on.
You can view your Instagram profile anonymously.
It enables you to download the pictures from that Instagram profile.

Key Specs:

Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows PC
Free Trial: Free Software

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