Nestled on their mother’s lap, the rescued kittens bask in their newfound safety.

Five cute kittens were saved and delivered to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA), an animal rescue and shelter in Arlington County, Virginia, in need of assistance (United States).

The animals were greeted with open arms and given the attention they required. They were in poor health, with swollen eyes, a stuffy nose, and skin and bones. They were taken in by Penny Richards, a volunteer foster mom from AWLA’s Kitten College program.

“As they were a greyscale litter, the five – Weston, Walker, Margaret, Dorothea, and Ansel – were named after great black-and-white photographers.”

Maggie, the small gray and white kitten, was unable to feed due to congestion and dehydration.

Penny continued, ”

“During the first several days, I had to administer liquids three times a day and feed it with a syringe throughout the day.”

They were all suffering from some form of upper respiratory illness (URI). Penny supplied them with a wide range of services, including the essential drugs and nebulizer treatments to help them breathe easier.

They began to feel better soon after, and it reflected in their investigations in their host house. Maggie took a bit longer to catch up with the others since she was the weakest and smallest of the litter.

When their eye and nose problems were entirely resolved, these kittens increased their food and attention requirements by a factor of two.

Penny continued, ”

“Every time I ate, Ansel was the first to come over and snuggle with me. He sat on my lap for a bit before getting ready to play ».

Maggie was the smallest of the bunch, but she had a strong personality and was the one who spoke the most at meals, according to Penny.

She continued, ”

“When she’s through eating, she marches over to you, jumps onto your lap, and purrs while washing her paws and face.”

Penny continued, ”

“From the beginning, Weston has been a fluffy teddy bear. He enjoys snuggling on your lap and purring! He purrs loudly and triggers it whenever you touch him ».

Penny claims that Thea is a little more bold and daring than her siblings.

She stated, ”

“She likes to climb on your shoulder and plan her escape from the room, but she also wants to snuggle up on your lap and be scooped up.”

“Thea and Ansel were inseparably linked, doing everything together and chasing each other. Walker was our little freak who was weaned two weeks later than his brothers and still consumes his wet food to this day. Weston enjoyed rubbing his face on you, and Weston loved rubbing his face on you.”

After 11 weeks by Penny’s side, these adorable kittens were ready to be adopted by a loving family. It’s worth noting that, despite their size, they were still searching for Penny’s lap.

She continued, ”

“They didn’t fit together perfectly, so they were piled on top of one another.”

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