Nautical Star Tattoos Ideas

Nautical star tattoos have a long history. Sailors have worn the nautical star for decades. This figure throughout history have navigated their ships with the aid of stars, the North Star in particular. Sailors past and present have tattoo the nautical star symbol either on the back of their hand or around their wrist so the tattoo could be see at a quick glance, and remind them of the direction of home.

Trendy Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoo Ideas

In modern times nautical star tattoos are worn by soldiers as they symbolize both protection and guidance. Other times people sport nautical star tattoos to remind themselves to stay on the path they have chosen. Here are a few ideas to aid in the design, size, color choices and placement of nautical star tattoos that we discussed above.

Nautical star tattoos are the perfect design for boaters who use lakes, or the ocean. Boaters must some navigation skills to operate their boat safely. Try using nautical star tattoos with a ships wheel circling the star, or you could use an anchor behind the star. Try coloring half of each branch of the star in red ink with the second half in black ink. Your tattoo artist can help with ideas like adding your boats name or even your favorite port of call to this tattoo. This tattoo looks great on your back or chest in a medium size. If your lifestyle allows, a small one on the fore arm looks great also.

Trendy Nautical Star Tattoos

More Ideas Plus Coloring and Placement of Tattoos

Nautical star tattoos for a member of the arm services are tattoo as a reminder to keep your focus in the field. This simply means knowing your direction in and most importantly when it’s time; the way out of battle. Examples here could be a simple nautical star tattoo in dark ink on your wrist for easy reminder or you may try adding your favorite color to the star. A unit flag and branch of service logo will give the tattoo that personal touch. This tattoo in the tribal flame pattern would make a great arm band with the nautical star in the center. A small tribal star on wrist or even a finger band is also an option. Tribal nautical star look great in single shaded color dark ink and look even better by adding a second color.

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Trendy Nautical Star Tattoos

Most often the meaning of this tattoo may be  hidden to someone else’s eye, so not to draw attention. This tattoo pattern looks great in small scale on the neck, shoulder blade, waist, hands and ankle.

Nautical star tattoos are popular for many reasons. A few of them have been discuss here in the article, but there are many more ideas for you and your tattoo artist to talk about.

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