Name tattoo can make a powerful statement about the people you love the most. If you are a parent and want to celebrate your child’s birth or the unbreakable bond that you share, you can do it with a name tattoo in their honor. You can also ink the name of your husband or wife and show your dedication and commitment to the relationship. Or include the name of a loved one who has passed to your memorial tattoo, keeping part of them close to you forever. The beauty of these designs is they can be as small and simple or as big and detailed as you wish. This means you can get them inked anywhere on the body, from your back to your finger. Inking someone’s name is a beautiful decision, and these are some of the best ideas to help you do just that.

1. American Traditional Tattoo


A name tattoo is a wonderful way to keep those who you love close to you at all times. This can be a romantic partner, a parent, sibling, child, or friend. Plus, there are many styles to choose from. One of the most striking is the American Traditional tattoo technique, also referred to as Western or Old School, which has a very distinct style, defined by the thick bold lines and limited but bright color palette. Colors include green, yellow, red, and blue. This style of artwork is unmissable and can have a rebellious feel because it was once favored by those who did not wish to conform to societal expectations. The appeal of using this technique for a name-inspired piece is that it often uses banners, and these can be added to the imagery of your choosing; swallows, an anchor, or flowers.

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2. Anchor Name Tattoo



An anchor is an object that is associate with strength, stability, and determination. It is often ink by those who live at sea or someone who wishes to remind themselves to stay calm and steadfast during challenging times. Including a name in your anchor tattoo design is an excellent choice because this can be a way to show that this person keeps you grounded and focused. There are many styles to choose from, including photorealistic pieces or American Traditional tattoos, which are bright and bold. When deciding on the placement for your tat, it is best to choose somewhere that is visible, such as the forearm or wrist. This is so you can look at it every day and be reminded of the important symbolism connected to your design.

3. Angel Wings Name Tattoo


An angel wings tattoo is a striking and symbolic design for both men and women. It is associate with guidance, faith, goodness, and protection. It can also be link to independence and freedom from physical and mental constraints. Including a name with your wings design is a popular choice for memorial pieces and indicates that the person you have lost is now in heaven. Or they are watching you from above and helping to keep you safe and strong. For many, this tattoo can bring comfort and is a way to honor your loved ones and celebrate their life. You can also include important dates, such as birth dates or the day of their passing. Or add a little halo on top of the name to show that they are now an angel.

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