Mas Antarctica

Mas Antarctica
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Just do a search about Antarctica, my items are in the very corner of the article

Write an article about the large rubber ball in Fergus Falls Minnesota Market Center. just do a search about the large rubber ball and tell them this is a small town, your on vacation and want to throw the ball at someone and the people can organized throwing the ball to each other and get a picture of it will be fun to watch. good luck you’ll need a lot of beefing up in this article

Write an article about an ancient indigenous people (ref. as god/s) who helped contain/transport/contain dark matter. (The medicine man could have been mother-father spirit who lived in the highest mountain peak,(not any mountain peak, just mount holy shit or the peak of Mount F*#king Everest!).


(b) Invite television instructors from Antártida station in Carlini to visit the school of English at Terra del Fuego.

(c) Or at least send information about the interesting creatures of Antártida and other interesting information in English.

(5) Participate in the “Cast of the World” International Program, For example: If you are learning a language electronically, connect and there they have “Community Page” section. If you open this section and add a new cast of your draft pages, you’ll have comments and suggestions. If you accept these suggestions, the program will improve your dialogue and the environment invested in the development of your cast. in mozambique/castpages.htm

(6) Write dolorous e-mails to TV channels on Argentina to take urgent care about the situation in Antártida.

(7) Have contact with the “Proximity of Science” in Argentina or in Europa. Get about: “Safe travels for scientists on Antártida continent and receive videotapes with projection of Antarctica like video game”.

(8) Contact the National Council for Science and Technology for get about:

“Internet Networks for Scientific Collaborations” (DENIC). It’s a research program that address technology issues that affect coordination of marine and coastal knowledge systems in the public and private sectors. Much of the program’s resources are available via the DENIC website:

Here there is a project “Océanos de Baires”, which might interest in you:

(9) Write in YOUR LANGUAGE, but in EDUCATIONAL SENSITIVE FORUMS, the world problems that are the lack of citizenship and science teaching by using the Internet. Newspapers in your language usually writes interesting informations about the libraries of the future: Internet for direct democracy and teaching placed in the school network. You may write about it and send it through the press or via e-mail, photocopied to the papers and boletín, who are interested in your port. Try that the e-mail is accepted by the world press, in case the communication is completely ignored. Examples of newspapers from Argentina:, and

(10) Open investigation about languages in Internet and consult physicians and linguists about the learning of English and the critical problems of minorities learning languages like: “the denial of Critical thinking and Truth by provincial schools” (Argentina ), and “the concentration camps in German and Persian Iraq” (Akademgorodok, Siberia ).

(11) Find out who owns the “Directorio Halcón Milán” website:

(12) Find out who owns the server “”

(13) Write in your press and e-mail to journalists, publishers and anyone that are interested in: “The draft page educational Antártida page”. Try that before publicizing news adresses, you e-mail them to some educational servers as “marisa.fe”,

(14) Open communications about:”An incident in Antarctica” and “The danger with Anti-Sodom propaganda” (Germans versus Argentines-) for Argentine’s University students and press at other university centers.

(15) Open communications about the edition of letters of Valentín Bayardo (1896) from Antarctica.

(16) Write lengthy news notes in newspapers about e-mail clients, contact lists and web services as: MSN, SKYPE and others.

(17) Communication with musical academy “Antonio nadia”

(18) Communication with Argentine Partisans dedicated to the study of our Wars back in the 40’s and 50’s.

(19) Communication with the Argentinian Navy and with your culture centers about the Internet in order to create interesting cultural services on “Antártida” where you may be interested in. Mention books like “The Magus”, and movies like “Antártida”. And do whatever you do with Online services, here you can write on the TV information site:

(20) Environment aware activity on the not to be polluted inland river city: Antártida (some books may be relevant in this regard), maybe you could write an open letter addressed to the authorities of the UN that are send to:

(21) Find out who owns the server:

‘surfing con la banda vasca”

(22) Find out who owns the server:

find out who owns the server:

(23) Read about marine VAVIP package called: “Andean Adventure” see:

(24) Present at the Newspaper editors from Argentina ponens about the meaning of “Information and Education” Press, TV and Internet Network for saving and saving the endangered environment in Argentina, Antarctica and the World, instead of sending silly floppy lists of news or stupid programs. Obviously some comments like this one are only theoretical, but it’s possible to safely using our minds.

(25) Contact catholic circles such as: “Benedectine Monastery of the Desert” The st. Benedict’s Monastery. Was founded in the mid-6th century by the monk San Benito and his sister Scholastica, on the summit of unoccupied Mount Cassino in Italy, according to tradition. It was apparently designed as a fortified citadel, at the crater of a volcano, to recognize it by surprise. [the towns of Serra dei Monaci, Tivoli and Subiaco lie at the foot of the mountain]. The rough, other monks could learn to love, and the monastery’s privileges were confirmed by the pope in 1,000 and later. At least from the 8th century are the records of persons from the Himalayan mountains. In 803 and 804 were brought in two groups of monks at the monasteries in the Mount Cassino. A monastery was built there were two monks from India, in 835-836. They were possibly Nestorian monks as was the envoy. In 1055 took place the first in depth examination of it, which was confirmed as a monastery. Even though the monks can no longer find their way back to the secret routes, they are still there.

Pope Benedict IX:

“The trip that almost killed” 2000:

The Arabian tunnel, rising 2940m above sea level, still leaves a trace, a partial view of the tomb of Moses, plus a water, an active climate and a universe alive. Pala Solagna oasis.

(26) Campaign for students Amnesty in the TV educational networks in Argentina . Universities, students and military institutioens need an arrecho for their computer use in Internet for a good reason as this is practically useless, because most websites are NOT FUNCTIONAL.

Not to make any harm, look down:

“Persecuted in Jekyell Island” e-books, archaeologist Dr. Andrew Salmon

(27) Find out you will ask Dr. Salvador Guinot. Bustamante and a priest. I’m sure you’ll have interesting communications well entertained. They will do a lot of good communications on Antarctica. Other more familiar people send a prolific fang in your networks, as they are competent and will help you to deliver a helping hand from times to times. What are you waiting for? Just to set in motion this oned of the most impotant events in his life …

The best wishes for you and your family (Monday afternoon June 27th, 1998)


Francismar Ardeleanu

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