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In our years as homeowners, we’ve mostly stuck to IKEA couches. They’re sturdy and reliable, they’re comfy, and they’re washable. It’s a major win for a family with dogs and young kids. But, in our second home we really wanted to give a Crate & Barrel sofa a try, so we decided to purchase the Lounge II Petite sofa. We had this sofa for about three years before selling it, and today I’m sharing all of our thoughts, how it was to clean, and why we ended up getting rid of it.

Crate & Barrel Lounge II Sofa ReView

lounge ii petite

First of all, let’s chat about why we ended up buying a sofa from Crate & Barrel. After all, we rave about our cheap-o IKEA sofa – what gives?

A few things, actually. We had every intention of purchasing a sofa from IKEA when it came time to move into this house, but when we began to look around we quickly realized that there weren’t any that were really calling to us.

We were both adamantly against buying a sofa online. I know you can find some great, super affordable options, but we agreed that we have to be able to sit on a couch before we make a decision to buy it – my butt is too picky for just any old sofa. I need a big, comfy couch that’s good for the whole family to curl up on.

1. Lounge II depth options

Let’s talk about the difference in depths. Back when we purchased this sofa, they had the Lounge ii petite, and the Lounge Petite. The petite was shallower than the regular version, but was otherwise the same size.

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They’ve changed how they label things a bit to make it more clear. When you look at the page for the Lounge II sofa, all of the customization options are right there on one page. Before, they were considered two separate couches, so it got a little confusing. The first thing to consider is depth – how deep do you want your seat cushion to be?

2. Other size options

Within these two depths they have a lot of customization options when it comes to width. You can get your sofa to be anywhere from 73″ to 105″, and the regular sofas can be a two-seat or a three-seat. You also have the option of getting a bench cushion. With those, the back cushion will still be split into two or three separate cushions, but the bottom one is just one long bench seat.

3. Lounge II fabric options

We went with the standard “Taft” fabric for our sofa. The color that we chose is called “Steel”. It’s a medium-tone gray and I think it’s the perfect neutral color to layer into just about any room. It’s significantly lighter than the dark blue of our old sofa. I like that it doesn’t feel too heavy in the room. There are about a zillion different options with the fabrics and colors for this sofa, but many of them are special order and add quite a bit of time (and money) to your purchase. We really loved how beautiful some of the fancier fabrics looked, but the “Taft” fabric (which is what comes standard) is really nice, thick, and sturdy feeling.

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4. The bottom line: what did we think?

I can honestly tell you that we loved this sofa. It worked so well for us and it’s genuinely one of the most comfortable couches I’ve ever sat in in my life. The super-soft back cushions make things really cozy for movie nights, and it’s seriously a stunning sofa.

So, why did we get rid of it? The simple answer is, we moved houses! When we moved to our current home, this couch became the upstairs family room sofa. Unfortunately, the overall dimensions just didn’t work for that space, and we decided to swap it out for something a little bigger and cozier.

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