Leaf Dining Tables Perfect for Small Spaces

Most popular in the context of dining rooms, drop leaf dining tables also make for great consoles, desks, makeshift kitchen islands, and accent surfaces by a seating area. Since the table’s leaves fold down (or “drop, hence their name), these pieces can serve multiple purposes and accommodate various occasions and sizes as your needs change. So if, for example, you love to host dinner parties but also regularly participate in at-home workout classes in the living/dining room and would prefer not to bonk your head while burpee-ing, you’d benefit from a piece that allows you to do both: the almighty drop leaf table.

1. Pottery Barn Astoria Round Leaf Dining Tables

  • With two lower shelves in addition to the main surface, this drop leaf table has plenty of room to store extra items without cluttering the actual tabletop. It’s also simple enough to fit in anywhere you take it.

Leaf Dining Tables

2. Antique Victorian Occasional Leaf Dining Tables

  • Made in the late 1800s, this antique piece stands the test of time both form and function-wise. While it still boasts its original character and old-school charm, it’s in very good condition.

Leaf Dining Tables

3. Tiptiper Multifunction Rolling Leaf Table

  • For anyone who prefers the natural stone look to wood, this drop leaf table is for you. It’s also on wheels, so you can easily move it from room to room.

Leaf Dining Tables

4. CB2 Connoisseur Extension Dining Table

  • Though not technically a drop-leaf, we had to include this extendable table on our list: A chic burled wood top introduces tons of texture and warmth while the metal frame ensures a sleek silhouette. A lacquer finish ensures durability, but you’ll want to make sure to use coasters and take care of any accidents quickly to maintain the surfaces (but if you ask us, burled wood lends itself beautifully to imperfections so you don’t really need to be too precious). It sits up to eight when extended.
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