Large swivel chair living room

Recently, I completed an e-design for a client (can I help with your home?) and one of the pieces I specified for her living room was a large swivel chair living room. Our 1970’s home had a swivel chair of it’s own – a striped gold and moss green barrel chair – and I’m of the opinion these versatile occasional chairs are poised to make a comeback.

1. Swivel Chairs For Living Rooms

large swivel chair living room

What makes these accent chairs so useful is their ability to work in most any living space. You can find swiveling chairs in any decor style. Popular styles from the 80’s (and back in vogue now in the 2020’s) are club chair shapes with sloped arms. You have unlimited fabric options too. Velvet, leather, ticking stripe – these are versatile pieces.

Why not just a standard, non-moving accent chair? Why consider swivel accent chairs for your living room?

Swivel chairs are exceptionally useful and very comfortable and dollar for dollar, offer more value and function than traditional armchairs. They provide functional seating in a small and compact shape. From cozy small living rooms to oversized spaces, clad in traditional slipcovers or featuring sleek modern lines and contemporary style when rendered in leather, there’s always a need for chairs that swivel.

2. Large swivel chair living room: Swivel Accent Chairs

large swivel chair living room

Swivel chairs can be used anywhere you would use an accent chair or armchair from bedrooms, family rooms, to the home office and basements, but I find them most effective in providing maximum comfort in a living room.

Living rooms tend to be larger spaces that perform more than one function. You could be entertaining guests and enjoying deep conversations, sitting lonesome by the fireplace, or gathering to watch the big game on the TV. Living room swivel chairs allow you to swing around and direct your attention to the action, wherever it may be. They maximize the layout and utility of a space without adding extra furniture.

3. Swivel Chair, Arm Chair or Slipper Chair?

When furnishing a seating area, should you opt for an arm chair, slipper chair, or swivel chair? Slipper chairs are armless and are ideal for tight spaces as they typically have a smaller foot print and look less imposing in a space.
Arm chairs are great additions to most any home design. They can add a modern feel to open floor plans, define a cozy reading nook, or create focal points with a single chair. There’s also no denying the longevity of quality arm chairs made with a solid wood frame.
If you’re looking for a modern accent chair, I’d consider a swivel chair. They are rarer than standard lounge chairs and are a great conversation piece and unique addition to your living room decor.
What are the best swivel chairs for the living room? It depends on who uses the chair and how often. Is it for occasional guests to sit in? You can select decorative chairs with a nice pattern to complement your formal living room. Or is your living room a quiet, private room of your home where you settle with a favorite book and read by the fire? Then perhaps opt a swivel living room accent chair with plush cushions and custom upholstery that speaks to your personal style.
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