Lares trek notes in the margin

Lares trek notes in the margin
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Did you choose to ride with strangers that you would normally avoid? Make a pie chart of the psychological types you meet on the trail. Did you want strawberry, or chocolate? Did you want chocolate with nuts? Did you want cactus? Did you ride with a clown? Did you buy a slice? Did you stop at a landmark to bake brownies? Did your pet bird fly to a spaghetti restaurant? Did you meet a soldier? Did you sleep in the woods? Did you cry in your soup? Did California tourists push you off a bridge? Did your sister look pretty? Did your brother lose a shoe? Did you hike 50 miles? Did marmots eat your food? Did you hold hands with Beauty? Did your grandma give you iphone in pants? Did you hitchhike on a horse? Did you cover your ears with a leaf? Did you start from zero every morning? Did you butt-scratch at dawn?

May the Lares trail spark your imagination.

—TA (idea will be provided). Also enlighten your audience with the topics: means of travelling, food availability, accommodation and finally remedies in case of illness.


The article will be developed in a Google Document which will later be published on your blog.

Then the preparation for the colloquium itself, the preparing material and give our course a name.

The language level for this module is B2.

“Learn how to do this, then learn how to do that”

Does this sound familiar to you? Well, it shouldn’t: in this project, you are going to be the one that gets to decide yourself what’s next and what topic you want to be acquainted with. Every difficulty thus encountered will be yours to solve, but this learning curve will help you in your preparation.

In the project, you will create your own articles and develop them in a webpage where visitors will later be able to read them. Be aware of the fact that at the end of it, the length of these articles could be anything between 3000 and 5000 words.

If you intend to improve your vocabulary and writing skills, this is the perfect module for you. Targeting aims from an intermediate to advanced user, this project would be great for someone who has finished the “Monday progress” module at the same level, or someone who already possesses a high level of English.

This individual project runs on it’s own while you can still meet up and go through certain topics as a group.

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