Influencer Demi Rose on coping with tragedy and finding peace

To mark World Suicide Prevention Day next week, model Demi Rose has opened up about her own mental health issues in a new video campaign. Suzanne Baum speaks to the 25-year-old social media star about how she came to terms with her own parents’ death and why she hopes she can help others going through grief by sharing her own survival tips

With over 14 million followers on Instagram, Demi Rose is not short of fans. And although her grid is full of stunning shots of the Birmingham-born model posing in frilly bikinis and lingerie, there is a far more serious side to her.

For behind the pictures and eye-watering fashion accessories, Demi is learning to cope with her own personal tragedy, after losing her beloved parents within months of each other in 2018.

Speaking from her home in Ibiza, she tells Suzanne Baum about her need to help others going through their own personal battles and to raise awareness of mental wellbeing.

You have gone through such a lot in your life, why have you chosen now to open up about your grief?
I’ve been through a lot of trauma but in some ways through it I have become so much stronger, which is probably reflected on my social media and in the confident messages I post. However, behind closed doors there’s been a lot of torment and I suppose I have turned that into a positive as I feel I have been through so much nothing can push me down again

How emotional was it for you to talk on camera about your experience of losing both your parents at such a young age?

I think it helped push me knowing that by speaking out I was able to hopefully help others going through grief. I didn’t want to let my emotions get the better of me through the interview on the day. Talking about losing my dad from cancer and then my mum seven months later from a stomach infection brought huge emotions to the surface but I’m so proud I managed to do it.

To become an orphan at the age of 24 is so sad. How on earth did you cope?

You know what, I grew up from a young age caring for my mother who had been left disabled following a heart attack. I was pretty much her carer for seven years so was forced to mature quickly and never had a normal childhood. It was almost surreal when my father died and then my mother so soon afterwards. I felt angry, sad, bitter and lonely but I am just so lucky that I had a good support system to carry me. Being able to talk about grief is so important and not bottle it up. That’s why my message is so important to encourage people to talk.

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