How to Vacuum Seal a Mason Jar

Today, we’ll show you how to vacuum seal a Mason jar without resorting to heat or canning the contents. 

*Important: For safety purposes, you can only use this method to vacuum seal dry goods—nothing with liquid.

First, You’ll Need a Mason Jar Vacuum Lid

The most common way to create an airtight seal is with a vacuum sealer system and a Mason jar vacuum lid (pictured below). The vacuum lid covers the metal lid of your jar and uses suction through a hose to remove all the air, creating an airtight seal.

Vacuum Seal a Mason Jar

Next Ways to Vacuum Seal Glass Jars at Home

Let’s start with the most popular method—the electric vacuum sealer.

Sealing Jars with a FoodSaver

One way to vacuum seal a Mason jar without heat is by using a traditional vacuum sealer.

Perhaps the most popular brand you may have heard of is FoodSaver. In fact, the term “FoodSaver” is sometimes used interchangeably with “vacuum sealer”—similar to how “Kleenex” is now a generic word for “tissue.”

Vacuum Seal a Mason Jar

The process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Fill your jar.
  2. Center the metal jar lid over the rim, and ensure it’s seated properly.
  3. Secure the Mason jar vacuum accessory over the metal lid using a straight, downward motion.
  4. Attach the suction hose to both the machine and the vacuum lid, and then lock the machine.
  5. Press the button marked Vac/Seal (or Accessory) and let it run until it stops on its own. Unlock the machine.
  6. Remove the Mason jar attachment by pulling straight up. You can wiggle it a little bit if you need to.
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FAQS – Vacuum Seal a Mason Jar

Still have questions about vacuum-sealing glass jars? We’ve answered a few common ones below.

What foods can be stored in vacuum-sealed Mason jars? 

Only dry goods can safely be preserve this way. This includes fruits and veggies you’ve dehydrate or freeze-dried, as well as commercial goods such as flour, rice, spices, and the like.

Flour and other powders are a little trickier, though, because the fine grains can get trap between the lid and rim and prevent a seal. However, to remedy this, you can place a folded, disposable coffee filter inside your jar to help achieve a good seal.

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