How to Use the f.lux Blue Light Filter App

Use the f.lux Blue Light app is a convenient way to reduce your daily blue light exposure. It is a safe addition to take away most of the blue light emitted by your computer screen.

In this article, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to use flux on your computer (PC or Mac).

F.lux is free to use and highly recommended.

What is f.lux?

Flux is the most popular app to reduce blue light on your screen, mimicking the natural variations of daylight.

The software seamlessly adapts to your location’s time of the day, shifting to a warmer amber hue at night.

How does the f.lux screen filter work?

The f.lux app changes the screen colors to achieve changes in the total color spectrum emitted.

By adding red to the picture, the blue color LCD sub-pixels in the display shut off.

Each pixel comprises a red, green, and blue sub-pixel, which can be turned on and off individually.

Use the f.lux Blue Light

In the most extreme mode with f.lux, all the blue sub-pixels are shut off, as shown in the picture above.

Does f lux filter out blue light?

Yes, f.lux filters out blue light when shutting off the blue sub-pixels.

The light source is the screen’s LED backlight, placed just behind the liquid crystal pixel layer. The LCD screens’ pixels do not emit any light themselves; instead, they “filter” the light.

The pixels always leak light; even if fully off, with something called backlight bleeding, there will always be a small amount of light emitted, as seen in the picture below.

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This means that flux cannot remove all blue light.

Use the f.lux Blue Light

How to use the f.lux Blue Light on your computer (PC or Mac):

1. Go to

2. Click “Download f.lux”

Use the f.lux Blue Light

3. Download the installation zip file to your desktop

4. Install f.lux

5. Set up location

  • Automatically – click on the location button
  • Manually – fill in your location

6.  Choose setting

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