How To Move Windows 10 To SSD

Here we explore various ways to move Windows To SSD and each method will follow a step-by-step guide on How To Transfer Windows 10 To SSD:

Every user has a different expectation from his/her system, some desire fast gaming processors and no lag PC, whereas others seek a PC with ample storage, allowing them to store all the necessary files they want to add.

In this article, we will talk about different ways regarding how to move Windows to SSD. It basically includes two different methods, the first method involves the usage of third-party software allowing the user to back up data, whereas, in the second method, the data is lost while transferring Windows to SSD.

But let us first understand the term SSD.

How To Move Windows 10 To SSD

What Is SSD

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is a storage device that stores data in a more efficient and faster way than HDD. The main reason that SSDs are faster is the flash memory storage technique used in them.

Why We Need To Move Windows 10 To SSD

Windows are transferred to another device to increase the performance and storage of the system. By transferring Windows to SSD, the system’s speed and performance increase, which allows the user to focus on the goal and sole function of the device.

Precautions And Pre-Requirements

Consider the below-mentioned points while following the process on how to transfer Windows 10 to SSD:

  • Remember to keep the backup of the data in the system.
  • Make sure that there is the availability of Windows in case the system gets corrupt.
  • The power connection should be stable, and you should charge the laptop.
  • There should be no hurdles during the entire process.
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Steps To Transfer Windows 10 To SSD With Cloning Data

When a user wants to make his/her PC work faster and also wants to keep the data secure, then cloning the data and directly transfer Windows 10 to SSD is the most efficient method.

By following the below-mentioned steps, we can complete how to move windows to SSD successfully.

#1) Open your system, and right-click on the ‘’Computer’’ icon as shown in the image below.

#2) Now, click on the ‘’Manage’’ option. A window will appear, as shown in the image below.

#3) Insert SSD into your system. It will show the unallocated disk in the memory.

#4) A dialog box will appear as shown below. Now, click on the checkbox depicting ‘’GPT (GUID Partition Table)’’ and click on “OK”.

#5) Right-click on the ‘’Unallocated memory’’ and then click on ‘’New Simple Volume’’, as shown in the image below.

#6) A new simple volume setup wizard will be visible on the screen

#7) Click on ‘’Next’’ and specify the name of the drive as shown in the image below.

#8) Click on ‘’Finish” to get the memory allocated, as shown in the image below.

#9) Click on the link to download and install Cocosensor Backup Tuner on your system.

#10) A webpage will be visible, as shown in the image below. Click on ‘’Free Trial’’.

#11) When the setup is downloaded, finish the setup and launch the software. A screen will appear, as shown in the image below.

#12) Source Partition should be set to ‘’C’’: as shown below.

Move Windows 10 To SSD

#13) Now, you need to click on ‘’Select a Target Partition’’ as shown in the image below.

Move Windows 10 To SSD

#14) Click on the ‘’Start’’ button after selecting the Target Partition. A dialog box will appear asking to continue.

#15) The system will start cloning files. A dialog box will appear, as shown in the image below when the process completes; click on ‘’OK’’.

#16) Restart your PC.

#17) When the PC restarts, press the respective keys (Del/F2/F11) to enter the BIOS menu depending on the hardware.

#18) Chose ‘’Boot from SSD’’ and Windows will start normally and your Windows will be transferred to SSD.

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