How to Make A Return Without A Receipt at Walmart

You want to return an unwanted gift and can’t find the gift receipt, you’re probably wondering: How do you make a return without receipt?

We are always partial to shopping at stores that have the best return policies – but most return policies are dependent on having the original receipt. We’ve done a deep dive and will break down exactly how some of the biggest retailers handle a receiptless. So if you find yourself needing to make this season you will know exactly how to do it.

Walmart Return Without Receipt

Does Walmart accept returns without a receipt?

Walmart accepts without a receipt, as long as they are deemed returnable under Walmart’s Return Policy. Luckily, according to Walmart, returns are available on nearly everything Walmart sells within a 90-day window with a few exceptions.

How do I make a return without a receipt?

Sometimes Walmart employees may be able to assist you to locate the original purchase information of your item. However, if the item was a gift or you didn’t make the purchase while logged into your Walmart account, you will have to go to the Walmart Service Desk in the store. A Walmart employee will check your government-issued photo ID, to verify your return. You’ll have a few options:

  • You can exchange the returned item for another equally priced item.
  • You can get an all cash refund if the item costs less than $10.
  • Get a Walmart shopping card or Walmart gift card for the value of the returned item.

Are there any exceptions?

There are no formal exceptions for returning without a receipt, as long as the item is deemed returnable under the Walmart Returns Policy. However, all returns without a receipt are subject to store manager or supervisor approval.

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Target Return Without ReceiptDoes Target accept returns without a receipt?

Target does accept returns without a receipt, although according to Target’s return policy, your return may be denied. Guest services will do their best to help find your proof of purchase. Returns that are accepted without receipt are refunded in the form of a merchandise return card.

How do I make a return without a receipt?

There are a few ways to make a return without a receipt. Just be sure that the item is returnable according to Target’s Return Policy. Luckily Target has a generous return policy that accepts returns in new condition

If you made your purchase while logged in to your Target account with a card associated with your account. Return barcodes and receipts can be easily retrieved by logging into your Target account.

  • In the store, head to Guest Services for assistance. Store staff can use your credit card to help look up your purchase. The store can look up purchases made with all Target cards (Target Debit, Target Credit Card and Target Mastercard) as well as your personal cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover).
  • If no receipt is not find (in the case of a gift or cash purchase), Guest Services may issue you a merchandise card. You will be require to show your ID for a non-receipt. Merchandise cards can be redeem in store only, and you will receive a different merchandise gift card for each.
  • If the item was a gift, and you’re comfortable asking the gift-giver for a gift receipt. They can retrieve it from their email. Or, if they made the purchase via the Target app, they can generate a gift receipt that doesn’t even show the price – and that can be email right to you
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Make A Return

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