How to know Someone Block you on iMessage

You know someone block you on iMessage or the person hasn’t block you, then something else is wrong. And someone doesn’t respond to your messages, there are a couple of explanations for this. Maybe they’re busy with something else and haven’t had time to reply yet, or maybe they have blocked you.

Firstly, know Someone Block you on iMessage You’ll see the Words “Deliver” or “Read” Below the Last iMessage you Sent

If your message was sent successfully, you’ll see the words “Deliver” or “Read” below the last iMessage that you sent them. Another reasons you see the words “Deliver” or “Read,” then it means that person has received your message. If they don’t respond, check to make sure that the phone number is correct by sending them another iMessage.

 Secondly, know Someone Block you on iMessageCheck the Bubble Color

Know Someone Blocked you on iMessage

When an iMessage user blocks another user or stops receiving their messages altogether instead of seeing these messages in blue bubbles (as they should), they’ll see them listed as “not delivered” instead of being able to read them outright on their phone screen like normal conversations would appear under normal circumstances without any issues whatsoever.

If Someone Blocked you on iMessage You Can’t FaceTime the Person

It’s pretty easy to spot if you’re blocked on iMessage because when you try to call or video chat them using FaceTime, it won’t work. You’ll get an error message that says something like, “The recipient does not accept your invitation.” If this happens, it means that person has block your number from calling them through iMessage and FaceTime. You can also try to FaceTime them using their phone number instead of their Apple ID, but that may not work either. You’ll get a message that says, “Cannot reach this person right now.” If this happens, it means that person has block you.

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Does the Moon Icon Mean You’ve Been Block?

Know Someone Blocked you on iMessage

When Focus and Do Not Disturb mode is activate on iOS devices, users can temporarily disable notifications for all but the contacts or apps that they select—so if you send someone a message through iMessage and don’t get a response, it may be simply because their notifications are turn off.

With iOS 15 and beyond, when you have Focus mode enabled and receive a message, your phone will automatically notify the sender of the message that you have Focus mode activated. If this is the case, a moon icon next to your friend’s name in the chat window will indicate that they have muted notifications.

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