How to cover a window air conditioner for winter

Cover a window air conditioner unit is a lifesaver in the sweltering summer when every day lasts forever and temperatures soar. But when winter arrives, your air conditioner can suffer a lot of damage. Window air conditioners need to be covered in the winter so they may be used again in the summer.

window air conditioner cover is an excellent way to prevent cold air from leaking into your house during the winter. This cold air can be an added drain on your finances.

It is difficult to close the window against the winter’s chill when the air conditioner is in the window, which forces the heater to operate more laboriously and raises your electric cost. The window will be sealed with a cover. Both indoor and outdoor covers are possible. Both are possible if you have ambition.

How to Cover Window AC in Winter

To cover a window air conditioner for winter, you can follow these steps:

  1. Remove the unit: Start by taking the window air conditioner out of the window. To remove the device securely, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions or consult the owner’s manual.
  2. Clean the unit: Cleaning the air conditioner is a good idea before covering it. Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or dirt from the exterior and internal components. If necessary, clean the surfaces with a moist cloth.
    how to cover a window air conditioner for winter
  3. Purchase a cover: Look for an appropriate cover for your window air conditioner. You can find these covers at hardware stores, home improvement centers, or online retailers. Make sure to choose a cover specifically designed for window air conditioners to ensure a proper fit.
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how to cover a window air conditioner for winter

  1. Install the cover: Place the cover over the air conditioner, ensuring that it completely covers the unit. Some covers come with elastic bands or straps to secure them in place. Follow the instructions provided with the cover to properly fasten it.
  2. Insulate around the unit (optional): If you want to further protect against drafts and energy loss, you can consider insulating the area around the air conditioner. Use weatherstripping or insulation foam to seal any gaps or openings between the unit and the window frame.
    how to cover a window air conditioner for winter
  3. Store the unit (optional): If you have enough space and prefer to store the air conditioner indoors during the winter, find a clean and dry location for it. Make sure the unit is properly covered and stored in an upright position to prevent damage.

How to cover a window air conditioner for winter – FAQS

1. Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner in the Winter?

  • Though some air conditioning systems can hold up against winter weather, it is still a good idea to cover any part of the unit with exposure to the outdoors. Though the city doesn’t receive a lot of snow, excessive moisture can damage the condenser coils over time. Any winter precipitation could lead to rusting or corrosion under the right conditions.

2. When to Cover Your AC Unit?

  • It may be best to cover your air conditioning system early in the fall season. During these months, the unit will likely accumulate organic debris from wind, animals, or plants close to the outdoor unit.

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