How Long Does Vodka Last & Does it Go Bad?

Sometimes, it pays to double-check every vodka bottle’s mortality to avoid any disastrous, unforeseen events. Nobody wants to open a good bottle of liquor with a distasteful aroma and flavor, right? So, how long does vodka last? We’ve got the answer right here.

Don’t wait for your vodka to go bad. Drink it and enjoy!

Vodka: Does It Expire?

Vodka doesn’t really expire. However, various conditions may affect its color, smell, and taste whenever the bottle stays unopened for a long time.  Hence, it may go bad.

Every bottle may be tightly sealed to stay as strong as possible for over a few decades.

However, sitting for about 40 to 50 years, still left unopened, in shelf may result in a loss of flavor and alcohol content because of slow, consistent oxidation.

Some people may regard this oxidation as expiration. So, does vodka expire? The answer is no; it doesn’t. It oxidizes.

Why Does Vodka Go Bad?

With an alcoholic content of about 40 to 55 percent, bottles go bad when they are left open for a long time.

No vodka bottle had even been perfectly sealed to last forever, so slow and consistent oxidation still occurs.

The oxidation process becomes more rapid with an opened bottle, so the remaining alcohol starts losing its flavor faster, almost making it unenjoyable to drink.

However, this doesn’t mean that your opened bottle of vodka would only last a day or two to go bad.

The good news is, it could still last for about 10 to 20 years, or even for a few years more. But, how long does it take for vodka to kick in?

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Its Shelf Life

Technically speaking, vodka spirits may last up to a hundred years, unopened.

Although a sealed bottle may be stored indefinitely, our team suggests keeping it out of direct sunlight or any direct light. It is to avoid fading on the label and so it won’t go bad.


While it’s true that vodka is a very resilient liquor, extreme conditions may somehow still affect your vodka’s long shelf life and make it go bad, no matter how diminutive it may be.

You may store in the freezer at 41 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit before serving, but it should never stay in extreme cold conditions for a long time as it may go bad.

Such instances may affect your vodka’s natural aroma. But, does vodka freeze?

Does Vodka Last & Does it Go Bad


Vodka’s lifespan somewhat shortens once it has been opened. The oxidation process becomes more rapid, making it faster to lose its flavor and aroma.

Remember, a liquid such as alcohol evaporates faster than water, so it becomes weaker and may go bad if left open for a long time.


An unopened bottle  lasts longer. However, it is still recommended to check on each bottle from time to time to ensure its longevity.

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