Getting urine stains off white fur dog

Getting urine stains off white fur dog can be messy. There are quite a few substances that can stain your dog’s fur, but when it’s urine, this tends to make people quite uncomfortable. Plus, it’s a dog owner’s job to keep their dog’s personal hygiene in check and see to their well-being.

4 Helpful Hints to Remove Urine Stains on Dog Fur

Urine Stains Fur

For urine to stain your dog’s fur, it has to be allowed to set in. This means the urine must have been there for quite some time, especially if the dog’s fur is now stained rather than being able to simply wash the yellow color out. If the stains are primarily on the back legs, this indicates the puppy or dog has been sitting in urine rather than being urinated on.

There are shampoos that will help lighten urine stains. You can also try one of the products made to combat tear stains to see if it removes the yellowing more quickly. The good news is, once you get the staining out, simple routine bathing will keep your dog looking good.

Getting urine stains off

Getting urine stains off white fur dog – Step One

Brush your dog thoroughly and focus on the stained area. This will remove dead hair and loose debris you may find in your dog’s fur. By removing the dead fur and debris, the shampoo will be able to soak further into the coat. Be certain to use the right brush for your dog’s coat. The wrong brush can do more harm than good and your dog could end up with an unhealthy, and still stained, coat.

Getting urine stains off

Getting urine stains off white fur dog – Step Two

Gently scrub the stained area with a warm, damp washcloth. Alternatively, you can use a few pet grooming wipes from the pet store. Mix in a bit of dry shampoo before moving to step three.

Step Three

It’s now time to give your dog a bath. Don’t forget to purchase shampoo specifically formulated for your dog’s coat type and color. For example, dogs who are purely white have shampoos specifically formulated for their coat color. Their shampoos include a type of coloring agent that neutralizes the stains within their coat and aids them in leaving the bath clean and looking spot-free.

Step Four

If the above steps did not work, it might be time to consult with a professional groomer. Professional groomers have a host of tools at their disposal, as well as the knowledge necessary to remove stains safely. If you’re concerned about the products the groomer will use, simply ask them what type of products they utilize regularly within their clinic. A good groomer won’t mind being transparent.

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