Fighter semicolon tattoo

The simple fighter semicolon tattoo is a bright neon sign for those who battle suicidal thoughts, depression, and other serious mental health problems.

1. Fighter semicolon tattoo: Black Ink Semicolon Tattoos

fighter semicolon tattoo

The majority of semicolon tattoos are simple ink expressions relying on effective use of black ink etching to convey the message required.

Some of the examples above utilize the clarity of message in combination

With a supporting idea of growth, strength or resilience as their reminder to keep fighting.

2. Fighter semicolon tattoo: Delicate Semicolon Tattoos

fighter semicolon tattoo

The best tattooists are tremendously skilled at identifying the motivation behind people’s tattoos

Using them in aid of fully exploring they ink they create for each subject.

With such intensely personal, painful, and even devastating memories attached to each semicolon tattoo

The artists in the examples above were able to delicately yet fiercely bring each one to life.

The execution of artistic style – geometry, sharp or flowing linework, flowering vines and blooms, or simple objects

Within these tattoos serve as armor reinforcement for the painful memories and battles fought by the subject to put their fight permanently onto flesh.

3. Illustrative Semicolon Tattoos

Semicolon tattoos by nature tend towards simple, intensely personal ink depictions without much ostentation.

The tattoos above aren’t simple expressions, yet they fall a long way short of being blingy, extroverted creations.

These well etched illustrative tattoos subtly incorporate the semicolon within a larger piece of body art, almost hiding them in plain sight.

In some ways, this parallels what happens with the people behind the ink

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Hiding their pain and struggle behind expressions of irony or other more camouflaged images of themselves in order to keep going.

4. Script Semicolon Tattoos

Words simply and powerfully add another layer of protection to the semicolon tattoo: affirmations or benedictions to reinforce the message of resilience.


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