Fearful Rescue Cat Blossoms: Heartwarming Transformation When Meeting a Stray Kitten


Jazmin Felder’s house has become a haven for stray cats. One day when she heard meowing from her yard, she immediately followed the sound. There she found a stray tabby on the branch of the tree.

She took the tabby in, made him feel at home, and named him Buddy. After a few days passed, Felder noticed that Buddy was not playing with the other cats.

Also, Felder realized that Buddy preferred to be alone even during naps. That was until Felder found a five-week-old, gray kitten and decided to take her in, too. The gray kitten was abandoned, and Felder didn’t have the heart to leave her.

Cat lover Jazmin Felder’s house is home to six rescue cats. When she found Buddy and took him in, he preferred to be alone and didn’t play with the other cats of the family.

Out of the six rescue cats, Felder found Hannah last, just six months after she found Buddy. Hannah is an affectionate, outgoing, and playful kitty.

When Felder took her in, Buddy’s entire personality changed. He opened up to Hannah, and the two became best friends.

Even though Buddy is shy, he definitely loves Hannah and has taken on the role of her big brother. They are inseparable and do everything together.

After Hannah joined their family, Buddy has even become friends with the other rescued cat of the house.

The rescue cats have become a happy family. They all eat, play, and sleep together, and are just adorable.

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