Crate and barrel swivel desk

It’s a good idea to invest in cute crate and barrel swivel desk as part of your home office. We’re looking for a mix of form and function—chairs that are both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic enough to be your home base for eight hours. After all, no one likes backaches

1. Crate and barrel Swivel Desk -Yaheetech Midback Office 

crate and barrel swivel desk

Striking just the right balance between professional and casual, this faux-leather chair is perfect for nearly any home office. Obviously, it looks great, but it also excels under the hood: It swivels over 360 degrees, moves freely, tilts back, and adjusts from 18 to 25 inches in height

2. Crate and barrel Swivel Desk – Neo Chair Office 

crate and barrel swivel desk

We’ll admit that there are cooler chairs on the market, but the sky blue color and extra-comfortable padding on this one more than make up for the slightly office-y vibe. You (and your back) will love the lumbar support and adjustable height. Some reviewers note that assembly can be tough, but “it is quite comfortable and sturdy,” one writes

3. Crate and barrel Swivel Desk – Anthropologie Elowen Swivel Desk 

If you work from home 100% of the time and want a desk chair you know you can trust, go ahead and invest in this one from Anthro. It comes in the most delicious shade of chartreuse velvet and features gold hardware—including a handle on the back of the seat for easy movement. Whether you use it for a quick task or sit in it all day, it’s exactly the centerpiece your office needs.

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4. Best on Amazon: Art Leon Midcentury Modern Swivel Accent Chair

This chair doesn’t roll, but it certainly swivels. The seat offers 360-degree rotation atop stationary wooden legs, which lend a welcome dose of midcentury cool to any home office. There’s even enough room to sit cross-legged, although the height isn’t adjustable. Browse the bestseller’s various color combinations and materials

5. Most Comfortable: Branch Daily Chair

Your back will thank you for this one. The padded cushion and contoured silhouette on Branch’s minimalist, ergonomic desk chair deliver solid lumbar support while you’re working long stretches. Better yet, there are four upholstery and two frame colors to choose from, plus adjustable height and armrests, so don’t think twice about adding this option to your cart. You’ll even get a seven-year warranty.

6. Best for Work: Wade Logan Bickham Task Chair

If you’re all about minimalism, opt for this adjustable office chair with a contoured silhouette that offers mid- to upper-back support. You can’t go wrong with the sleek black leather alongside the dark wood. It makes serious work easier to get through, and it’ll also make your desk setup feel way more official.

7. Best for Small Spaces: Tangkula Computer Desk Chair

Why settle for a mesh office chair when you can go with sherpa instead? This airy piece is just two feet across, meaning it won’t take up too much space in a tiny apartment or a dorm room—or any other digs, for that matter. It doesn’t sacrifice any functionality, though, offering 360-degree swiveling, an adjustable base, and a sturdy, comfy seat. We just can’t get over how soft and inviting that material is.

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