Counter with bar stools

A unique counter with bar stools is a smart way to decorate your kitchen and prepare backup seating for unexpected guests. Barstools are versatile pieces of furniture that can turn your kitchen counter into an entertainment center, work desk, or makeshift dinner table with ease. Check out these unique bar stools with eye-catching designs and features that make for comfortable, stylish, and functional seating options.

1. Mid Century Full Back Swivel Bar Stools

counter with bar stools

With its walnut-finished stationary wood frame and woven polyester-blend upholstery, this unique barstool fits traditional and modern decor styles. It is available in four classy color options and supports 250 pounds. It is a perfect statement piece for minimalist kitchens, and it’s quite cozy, too.

2. Classic Backless Bar Stool

This is a classic American-style bar stool made with wood, steel, and genuine leather. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and is available in two upholstery options. It has a distressed look that will fit seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics.

3. Ultra Sleek Full Back Bar Stools

counter with bar stools

A steel frame and clear acrylic seat make this unique bar stool the perfect piece to glam up a space. It features square-shaped seating and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. This barstool is available in three color variants.

4. Luxurious Low Back Bar Stools

These metal and wood bar stools feature a bucket-style velvet seat, gold-finished capped feet and a square crossbar footrest. It can support up to 350 pounds and comes in five color options. These comfortable bar stools will add a touch of luxury and elegance to your space.

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5. Casual Full Back Bar Stool

counter with bar stools

This bar stool has a mahogany wood construction and poly-acrylic bucket-style seats with foam fill. It features a footrest, can support up to 275 pounds and comes in four attractive color options. It is a gorgeous piece that would beautifully suit a beach house.

6. Modernistic Swivel Adjustable Low Back Bar Stools

This unusual bar stool features a pedestal base with a saddle-style leather seat. It has a weight capacity of 200 pounds and is available in eight metallic colors. It is a stylish and eye-catching stool perfect for contemporary and futuristic aesthetics.

7. Industrial Full Back Swivel Bar Stool

This unique bar stool for kitchen island features a removable backrest. It has a vintage-inspired iron base with a footrest and a circular wooden seat that can support 250 pounds. It has an antique vibe that brings charm to any kitchen

8. Cozy Low Back Bar Stools

These barstools have a wooden frame topped with a polyester seat. They feature a footrest but no swivel or height adjustment. They support 250 pounds of weight and are available in two color options. These cute and unique counter stools are the best way to make a kitchen look and feel inviting.

9. Country Style Low Back Counter Bar Stool

This beige barstool has a solid rubberwood construction and a linen-blend fabric seat decorated with lovely nailhead trim finish. Its relaxing aesthetic will make a cozy addition to an American country-style home.

10. Backless Bar and Counter Stools

These unique bar stools for sale are constructed from solid beechwood and have a natural wood grain color variation. The round-shaped seat does not have any cushioning. It also lacks swivel and height adjustment but does include a footrest. Their simple and classic stool design makes these stools lovely additions to an artistic and rustic home.

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