Can You Overdose On Marijuana?

Overdosing on marijuana is a complex topic, but anyone who uses the drug (or anyone who is concerned about someone else’s use of the drug) should be aware of what it means to overdose on marijuana and all the nuance that is involved.

However, there are many misconceptions about overdosing on marijuana, with lots of misinformation coming from the anti-marijuana and pro-marijuana camps.

The first, important detail to note is that it isn’t possible to die directly from taking too much marijuana. In this regard, an overdose on marijuana is completely different, and treated completely differently, to an overdose on another drug like heroin.

But, this certainly doesn’t mean that marijuana is harmless, and it doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to overdose on the drug either.

What is marijuana?

Overdose On Marijuana

Before considering information about overdosing on marijuana, it is important to understand exactly what the substance is. This is because, sometimes, people have misunderstandings about what is or isn’t marijuana.

Marijuana is known by lots of different names. What marijuana might be known as to you will depend on your age, and where you live.

Commonly, marijuana is also known as:

  • Weed
  • Pot
  • Grass
  • Ganja
  • Bud
  • And many more slang names.

The official name of the drug is cannabis, and it comes from a plant called Cannabis Sativa.

Cannabis contains two psychoactive compounds called cannabinoids, known as THC and CBD. THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis which relates to feelings of being high.

It is the main compound responsible for a change in the state of mind. It can also induce feelings of paranoia, anxiety, and stress.

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CBD is commonly associated with an ability to relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression, and can cause the ‘chilled out’ feeling that many people look for when using marijuana.

What is a marijuana overdose?

So, what exactly is a marijuana overdose, if it doesn’t lead to fatality?

Well, the answer to the question of whether or not you can overdose on marijuana, depends on the definition of an overdose.

It is widely believed that overdosing on a drug means excessive consumption which leads to a fatality, and this is a common misconception.

Actually, an overdose is technically defined as taking any amount of a substance that exceeds the recommended maximum.

Overdose On Marijuana

Overdosing on THC

In real terms, in order to overdose on marijuana, it’s most likely that a person will want to measure the amount of THC they are consuming.

Research has suggested that a toxic level of THC is considered to be 7.5mg or more, but this will depend on a number of factors like body weight and sex.

In order to this number, a person would need to intake an extremely significant amount of cannabis.

Overdose On Marijuana

Other symptoms of Overdose On Marijuana use

The broader signs and symptoms of excessive marijuana use are widely reported by researchers and people who use the drug.

These include:

  • A noticeable increase in heart rate
  • Headaches and general feelings of discomfort
  • The onset of feelings of paranoia, and mild hallucinations
  • Prolonged lethargy
  • Fatigue
  • A decrease in reaction times
  • The reduced ability to concentrate
  • Unpredictable changes in mood
  • Panic attacks, and a loss of coherent thought
  • General feelings of confusion, and lack of understanding about what is happening
  • Pale, or sickly-looking skin

Excessive marijuana use can also lead you to lose control over your behaviour and your actions, much like the excessive consumption of alcohol.

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This can lead you to be involved in serious accidents, whether that’s through driving or another activity, and these accidents can be fatal.

It is highly important to understand these symptoms, as well as the more serious risks that are involved with the use of cannabis in order to be fully informed about cannabis and its effects.

People who aren’t educated about cannabis are more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety as a result of symptomsand may be less able to handle a high dose of the drug.

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