Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas for Men

A broken heart tattoo ideas is a multi-tie symbol that not only speaks to the physical pain that one might go through at the loss of a love one but also to the greater metaphor of the destruction of the literal mechanism for love.

Broken heart tattoos serve as an excellent reminder of what once, and they can be styliz in many different ways that can correlate to the individual or the situation. There’s a vast difference between love lost as a result of death and love lost to time or degradation. A broken heart tattoo design can be use to showcase lost love and grief in either situation, and each is just as meaningful as the other.

The classic heart is perhaps the image most associated with love, trust, and compassion, so the imagery of a broken heart reaches deep within the psyche of man. A broken heart has this strange sense of finality, as if nothing could possibly repair what has already been destroy. The idea that a tattoo can be use to act as a visual reminder of that pain and loss only goes to show that such remorse is a healthy part of life. Check out our list of broken heart tattoo ideas for men.

1. American Traditional Broken Heart Tattoos Ideas

The western school of tattooing arose from the American Traditional style and many of the classic images and designs of this style have become synonymous with tattooing itself. One of these common design elements in the American Traditional style is the heart.

Large and striking, and prominently displayed on the chest, the tattoo design below uses vibrant colors to apply the familiar flash designs of a red heart pierced by a dagger, while the extra head on the eagle creates a stylistic twist that helps set this tattoo apart from similar American Traditional pieces.


Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas

Here, the tattoo artist takes a stripped-down approach to the broken heart symbol, using densely packed red ink to create the gradation of tones and negative space for highlights. This is a classic broken heart tattoo design.

Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas

2. Black and Gray Broken Heart Tattoos

From smooth shading and a subtle gradation of tones to fine line hatching that is evocative of 19th-century lithographs, there is a successful black and gray approach to every design.

In this interesting piece, the artist takes a detail-oriented approach to make this stylized pierced heart tattoo stand out, thanks to the meticulous application of stipple shading, which creates depth and texture.

Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas

Here is another interesting black and gray piece that uses an illustrative approach reminiscent of lithographs while incorporating a stylized snake coiled around the heart along with several piercing broad swords that wouldn’t look out of place in the hand of an armored knight.

3. Abstract Broken Heart Tattoos Ideas

Realism and anatomy are great for some people’s broken heart tattoos, but for others, this straightforward approach is downright stifling. For these folks, a more abstract approach is a different way of producing the broken heart tattoo design they are looking for.

This excellent black and gray broken heart design below incorporates two contrasting styles to create a single tattoo. It’s a unique design that is equal parts anatomically correct and geometrically abstract.

Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas

Here, the tattoo artist uses an illustrative approach to show a healing heart and exhibit strength in the face of sadness. This meaningful design is done in black and gray with white ink for highlights to illustrate the wearer’s attempt to mend his broken heart.

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