Black light tattoo ideas

As Portland-based tattoo artist Kayla Newell set up her station to give me one of her popular glow in the dark tattoos, she asked, “Are you under black lights often?” I took longer to respond than I should have as my answer was a simple no. Most of my time is spent in an artificially lit office or under the warm glow of the single lamp in my room. But I felt embarrassed to admit that. I ended up telling Newell that I’m not typically in black light tattoo ideas situations. To my relief, she replied, “That’s usually people’s answer.”

What is a black light tattoo ideas?

black light tattoo ideas

Yes, black light tattoos indeed glow — but only under black lights. When I turn off the lights at night, my tattoo doesn’t glow in the dark like the star stickers you might have put on your ceiling as a kid.

Are glow in the dark tattoos safe?

Tattoo ink, in general, is not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration. On top of that, glow-in-the-dark pigments used in any cosmetic product is strictly regulated. According to the FDA’s website, it has only approved luminescent zinc sulfide is the only luminescent color approved for cosmetic use, and it has limitations for what it can be used in. There are also strict rules for use of neon pigments.

Is black light tattoo aftercare different than regular tattoos?

The healing process and aftercare advisory are exactly the same as a typical tattoo, too. Newell recommended regularly cleaning the glow in the dark tattoo with unscented soap, letting it air dry, and spreading a thin layer of Aquaphor or a vitamin A and D ointment onto it for about two weeks.

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How long do glow in the dark tattoos last?

Like any tattoo, it’s “longevity is directly connected to the amount of energy that you put into caring for it properly, like using sunscreen,” Newell says. Colored tattoos generally fade over time faster than all-black ones, she adds. They won’t completely disappear.

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