Birdcage Tattoos Meanings

In order to understand the meanings behind the birdcage tattoos, we should talk about little bit about the origins of the birdcage. After that, we will address the birdcage tattoo meaning and what its symbolism for those that choose to have this image tattooed on their body. It’s a fun tattoo and we want to talk about the creative ways that people get this tattoo and if it changes the symbolism. Read on if you are curious about the birdcage tattoo and what it symbolizes.

History of the Birdcage

Most would think the history of the birdcage is pretty simple. People like birds; people want to see birds all the time; people keep birds in a cage so they can do this. For the most part, this is completely accurate. The early birdcages were constructed to house these birds so they can be on display for all those who would like to see them. The early cages were handmade out of boxes and nets. They would use materials like woven reeds, bamboo, rope and wood. Some birds were even charged with the task of doing some very dangerous work. Miners would bring canaries into the coal mines and if they saw the bird fall dead, they would know there were gasses present that are toxic.

People of ancient times were also using these cages to have birds breed with each other and they would breed scarlet macaws. The Pre-Columbian community of Paquime Indians occupied and built an intricate settlement around the time of 900 to 1340 AD and these settlements were all made from adobe. Archeologists found around 60 macaw pens made from the feathers of these beautiful bird.

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Birdcage Tattoos Meanings

Across many cultures over time, the birdcage use as a metaphor and symbol. Going back to the hunter-gatherer times to times like today, the birdcage is a pervasive symbol which can be use in explaining many different cultural symbolisms

Birdcage Tattoos Meanings

Birds are able to fly and this symbol is often look at as a sign of freedom. Birds are also link to characteristics like creativity and inspiration as they flow with the wind. When birds are capture and cage, the obvious meaning of this image is a loss of freedom.

Birdcage Tattoo Variations

Birdcage Tattoos Meanings

While you think there aren’t many variations of the birdcage tattoo, you would be mistake. The great thing about getting a tattoo is that you can turn it into anything you’d like. If you want to add other symbolism to change up the meaning, that’s great. If you want to add something to reinforce the idea of what you are trying to portray, that is also awesome. Below are a few examples of different birdcage tattoos that we’ve seen.

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