Best tattoo shops in Denver, the capital of Colorado, is home to numerous museums, landmark 19th-century buildings, modern architectural works of art, and many other places to see. The Mile High City is also home to tons of tattoo shops.

Whether you live in Denver or you just happened to be there and feel like getting a tattoo, you’re probably wondering where to do so. You will like your body art the most when you find a great tattoo shop with awesome tattoo artists. Scroll down to see the best tattoo places to check out.

12 Best Tattoo Shops in Denver

Tattoo shops are everywhere in Denver. And by that, we really mean – everywhere. You have a lot of choices, which is always a good thing. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. We’re going to take you through some of the best tattoo shops in Mile High City below.

1. Best tattoo shops Dedication Tattoo

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Founded in 2013, it didn’t take long for Dedication Tattoo to become a top-rated tattoo shop in Denver. The world-renowned fully-custom tattoo shop is located on South Broadway Street. Tattoo artists at Dedication Tattoo have combined 60 years of experience.

Specializing in different types and styles of tattoos, artists in this shop prove to be the real deal. Whether you want a Japanese tattoo or traditional, delicate, neotraditional, or something else you can be confident Dedication Tattoo will handle it perfectly.

The official website of Dedication Tattoo allows you to take a look at the portfolio of each artist. Just hove the mouse over the Artists section, click on their names, and you will see their work.

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When making an appointment you can ask for a specific tattoo artist, or you can select the first available option.

A minimum $100 deposit is required to make an appointment.

Besides appointments, this shop also works with walk-ins too. Open seven days a week, Dedication Tattoo is focused on long-term results.

2. Urban Element Tattoo

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Urban Element Tattoo was founded in 2012 by Rowell and Jenny Alfelor. Rowell has been working as a tattoo artist for over 10 years. This tattoo and piercing shop focuses on providing a clean, safe, and professional environment to explore and experience the world of body art.

Located on Larimer Street, Urban Element Tattoo is a collective of talented, trained, and certified artists who provide the best level of care to each client.

Artists at Urban Element Tattoo specialize in different styles and designs ranging from watercolor to geometric and traditional tattoos. You can take a look at their work on the shop’s website. The homepage features dedicated sections for each artist. Just click the name and you’ll learn more about artists and see their tattoos or Instagram profile.

3. Bound By Design

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Bound By Design is located in the heart of Denver’s Capitol Hill. This tattoo and piercing shop was founded back in 1993 and is one of the most well-known places of this kind. Like Dedication Tattoo, Bound By Design sells their merchandise online as well. But, they focus on jewelry and other similar items.

Winner of Best of Westword – Best Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Denver.

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The name of the tattoo shop goes back to the community that helped this business get started and while it changed owners over the years, Bound By Design remained true to itself and its philosophy.

And their philosophy is to provide the best service to their clients, but also extends to a sense of quality, integrity, and passion for art.

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