he The year has already start and if you’re looking forward to knowing which tattoo artists you should follow to get that sleek and elegant look, you are in the right place. In this article, we will take you through the best tattoo artists you should follow in 2023.

1. BEST TATTOO ARTISTS – Curt Montgomery

Curt Montgomery is the first artist you should be following in 2023. He is famous across the world for stylish and elegant tattoo designs. His tattoo designs mostly resemble death, sex, and humanity.

Montgomery is based in Toronto where he opened his tattoo parlor, Inside Out.

Who Is Curt Montgomery

Curt Montgomery was born on December 27, 1980, in Elora, a small town near Toronto, Canada, and his Zodiac sign is Capricorn. He gained fame through the efforts he puts into his work. His tattoos are simple yet stylish and sexy.

Where To Find Montgomery Online

He showcases his art on Instagram where he’s followed by nearly half a million tattoo lovers. Other than that, you can follow his parlor’s page on Instagram at @insideouttoronto.

How Much Is Curt Montgomery Worth?

According to Idol Net Worth, Curt Montgomery is worth $1.5 million. Also, you can purchase temporary tattoos on Inkbox based on Montgomery’s designs for as cheap as $16.



Mira Mariah is a well known Tattoo Artist that went through a formal apprenticeship in Brooklyn and has been tattooing since 2014. Of course, the designs she comes up with perfectly reflect her experience.

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She is mainly popular for her black and grey choices of colors on flowers, animals, and other nature-driven content.

Who Is Mira Mariah?

She was born on March 18, 1992, in the United States. Mira is a tattoo artist who is known for her work at the Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn, New York.

Mira Mariah On Social Media

She shares her works through Instagram for her over 227,000 followers. Other than that, her fans can also follow her studio on the official Instagram page @fleurnoiretattoo as well as the Facebook page.

How Much Mira Mariah Charges:

Mira is one of the famous and trending celebs who is popular for being a Tattoo Artist. As of 2022, Mira Mariah is 28 years old. Fleur Noire tattoo parlor charges $100 to $200 per hour depending on the tattoo size and design.

3. Pony Wave

Pony Wave is a world-class Russian tattoo craftswoman who found herself in the tattoo business designing sexy, realistic, and stunningly detailed tattoos.

Who is Pony Wave?

Pony is a Russian artist who was born in Russian and began her profession there. She is currently based in Los Angeles where she moved to pursue her dreams.

Through her exploration, she found her style that broke media with a sensible style. In fact, Pony Wave took a section on a mainstream TV show Ink Master.

Where To Find Her:

Other than her stunning Instagram profile @ponywave, Pony Wave has a YouTube channel where she frequently posts new tattoo designs as well as more private moments and shares her life in LA.

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Furthermore, you’ll find her posting on Twitter at @wave_pony.

4. BEST TATTOO ARTISTS – Bang Bang Tattoo

Bang Bang is a tattoo parlor based in New York. Several top-notch and internationally famous tattoo artists work there.


How Was Bang Bang Created And Who Is Behind The Idea?

Bang Bang Tattoo Studio was created by Keith Scott McCurdy, who is mainly known by his nickname “Bang Bang”. McCurdy is an American tattoo artist and, as you can imagine, is based in New York City.

Bang Bang has worked with celebrities such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, LeBron James, and even Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

Where To Find Bang Bang?

The New York-based tattoo parlor Bang Bang and their official website is a source of inspiration with dozens of tattoo types. Additionally, Bang Bang has an official Facebook page where they regularly post new design ideas.

How Much They Charge:

Prices at Bang Bang start at $500 and will depend on the size, the design, and colors of the tattoo.

5. Reese Hilburn

Reese is an award-winning tattoo craftsman and a fine artist. She works in her private shop situated in North County San Diego together with the tattoo artists Jackie Blaho and Collin Snyder.

Who Is Reese Hilburn?

Reese Hilburn is a tattoo artist situated in San Diego County. She has been tattooing since 2013

You may have seen her on Spike TV hit show Tattoo Nightmares Miami.

Her style inclines more towards realism with geometric and watercolor details. While black and grey tattoos aren’t her favorite, she does go out of her comfort zone, and she does it very well.

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From animal tattoos to superhero ones to flower ones and even skulls, her imagination and skills are simply out of this world.


Reese Hilburn’s Online

Reese Hilburn is followed by 120k people on Instagram at @theartofreese. Other than that, she has her own YouTube channel where she creates tattoo tutorials as well as more organizational videos and even self-confidence ones.

Last but not least, her official website, The Art of Reese, will coach you, will allow you to book a session, and to contact her among other things.

How Much Is Reese Hilburn Worth?

Reese Hilburn is famous all around the world and her experience and skills allowed her to make a living out of her passion. According to Net Worth List, Hilburn is worth $150 million.

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