Artists use numbing creams

Artists use numbing creams are applied directly to the skin to reduce the typical pain associated with new ink. They’ve benefitted many ink enthusiasts and artists alike, improving the often difficult and painful process.

And even though using them may seem like a no-brainer, not everyone likes them.  They’re a hot topic, sparking debates across the tattoo community.

But if you’re afraid to ask your artist if they use tattoo numbing creams, don’t worry. We already asked real artists (and clients). Here’s what they had to say.

Do tattoo artists use numbing cream?

Artists use numbing creams

Many artists are happy to use and even provide numbing cream for your session, while others refuse to use it. And their reasoning might surprise you.

Artists that are pro-numbing cream argue that it helps them work more efficiently with fewer interruptions. This means less time under the needle for the client.

On the other hand, many artists maintain that pain is part of the process, a right of passage that “completes” your tattoo.

There are also plenty of artists that fall in the middle of this debate. Some use numbing creams but only if the client supplies it themselves. Others may use a certain brand if they have a preferred brand or partnership.

Because it’s such a hot topic, we asked real artists to give their input on whether or not they use tattoo numbing cream.

But first…

What is tattoo numbing cream?

Tattoo numbing cream is a topical skin numbing product that acts as a local anesthetic to make the tattoo process less painful. Most creams last between 4-6 hours.

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There are several types of numbing creams – nerve deadeners, nerve blockers, and vasoconstrictors. Each uses different combinations of ingredients to achieve a numbing effect.

Nerve deadeners are the most common and work by temporarily deadening the nerves in your skin to prevent them from registering pain. The active ingredient is lidocaine, a local anesthetic commonly used for minor medical procedures.

Many artists like to use tattoo numbing creams

From an artist’s perspective, numbing creams have one big selling point – efficiency. Because the client will feel little to no pain, artists can work without breaks or interruptions. This means that they can work at their own pace, not the client’s.

Similarly, numbing agents reduces the amount of time needed for a large piece. Rather than split a big upper thigh piece over 2-3 sessions, artists can do it all at once, freeing up time for other clients.

With fewer breaks and streamlined sessions, artists can schedule more clients over the course of the day.

As a client, there are plenty of benefits to using tattoo numbing cream. They enable you to sit pain-free for several hours, even if it’s a sensitive area like your ribs or top of your feet.

Pain is one of the biggest reasons why many people don’t have any tattoos. And while some argue that pain is a part of the process, it’s also completely subjective. People with lower pain tolerances and certain medical conditions simply may not be able to get a tattoo in the “traditional” way.

But that shouldn’t stop them. With numbing creams, they can get the ink they’ve always wanted without worrying about how much pain it will cause.

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And even if “you’ve been getting tattoos for 30 years and had to suffer through every one until now,” that doesn’t mean that your next one has to be painful too. You won’t have to “feel one sharp poke… for hours of tattooing” says Jason, a chronic ink enthusiast.

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