Artists For Portrait Tattoos

SheThe artists for portrait tattoos, representing a celebrity or a family member, is difficult to master. Here are some names you can trust with your skin.

A popular tattoo trend that is very difficult for artists to master are portrait tattoos. Portrait tattoos can be family members, friends, or celebrities that were meaningful to a person. And when a person decides they want to get a portrait tattoo they have to do a lot of research to find someone is comfortable and talented enough to do the job well.

Portrait tattoos can go wrong very easily and you do not want the portrait on your skin to turn out nothing like the person it is supposed to represent. So keep reading discover the 10 best tattoo artists for portrait tattoos.

1. Artists For Portrait Tattoos – Kimmy Tan

Anyone in the LA area that wants to get a portrait tattoo needs to check out Kimmy Tan’s work. Tan is a very talented tattoo artist that can specialize in many different fields but excels in portrait tattoos.

Her work, which can be seen above, can help anyone get that portrait tattoo of the loved one that they want to remember and carry with them for the rest of their life done. Tan’s work has been recognized by different industry magazines such as Inked Magazine and Freshly Inked Magazine.

Artists For Portrait Tattoos

2. Amanda Abbott

A portrait tattoo artist needs to have clear crisps lines and be able to excel in black and gray tattooing. This is Amanda Abbott’s bread and butter. Abbott tattoos at Brilliance Tattoo in Boston, MA and her work is perfect for anyone who is looking for a feminine portrait tattoo. Abbott has made a study of female anatomy, and she knows how portray women’s softer facial features.  She has been tattooing since 2009 and it is easy to tell that she has found her calling in portrait tattoos.

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Artists For Portrait Tattoos

3. Artists For Portrait Tattoos – Omar Fame

Getting a portrait tattoo done can be very meaningful to the person getting it. It could be a portrait of their child, or a loved one that they want to memorialize with a tattoo. And Omar Flame knows how important portrait tattoos are to the people getting them.

Fame owns a shop called Fame Tattoos in Miami, Florida and is one of the best portrait tattoo artists in Miami. Fame has a unique way where he can capture the spirit of your loved one in the tattoo he is creating.

Artists For Portrait Tattoos

4. Shane Estillore

Mastering the art of portrait tattoos takes dedication and time. Shane Estillore from Firme Copias Tattoo Studio in San Antonio, Texas, is a portrait tattoo specialist. Deciding to only focus on portrait tattoos was a huge decision for Estillore, but it paid off. Estillore has mastered different face sizes, clean lines, and shading to bring portraits to life when he is tattooing. Anyone that has a portrait they’ve been wanting to get tattooed on them needs to email Shane Estillore

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