Anesthesia: A safe method

There are several analgesic methods to reduce pain, such as creams but anesthesia: A safe method when having a tattoo?

There are tattoo artists who simply don’t care about using them or not as long as the person doesn’t suffer, but on the contrary there are those who think that to get a tattoo you must go through that moment of pain.

At the end of the day, you’re putting ink inside your skin, so that’s the price to pay.

But the truth is that many people really do not tolerate pain, and it can even make them faint.

To avoid this, here are some methods.

Products with anesthesia for tattoos

Different products on the market contain anesthetic effects for tattoos. The most use are creams.

These are sold under medical prescription, since extreme care must be taken whenever it involves any chemical or medication.

The reality is that although there are several types of creams for this use, not all of them are approve.

Unfortunately, not all of them are verify by experts to be able to be marketed with the consent of health organizations. This point is essential.

There are many options on the market, such as the Emla or TKTX brand, but they are not allowed for sale in some places.

But let’s clear up some doubts.


When is it advisable to use these creams?

As we have mention before, these products must be use under medical prescription. Its uses depend on your client’s tolerance when tattooing, but it is recommend that, after medical consultation, they be use in intolerable cases.

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As we mentioned here, Clearing doubts, where does it hurt more to get a tattoo? There are areas of the body that, due to their high degree of nerve endings, are more sensitive to pain.

In general terms, the pain depends on the person and the area to be tattoo. Therefore, the use of anesthesia for these cases can be excellent.

In turn, there are also styles of tattoos that are more invasive to the skin and cause much more damage.

Here, the types of needles, voltages, and number of passes over the same area can cause the client to feel more pain than usual.

For example, in realistic tattooing, and more so when it comes to Color Realism, the skin tends to hurt a lot because you need to make several passes, one on top of the other, to achieve a good result.

If you want to learn more about this, go to MasterCourse: Realistic Tattooing in Color, where we explain all the tricks and techniques you need to know to approach this complex style.

Do not hesitate and learn with us to be a good professional!

The artist who use general anesthesia to get tattoo

It sounds crazy, but it is true. It is about the use of general anesthesia in the same way that happens before surgery.

This is something very new, about which little is known, but since it is injectable anesthesia and total numbing, under no circumstances can it do by a tattoo artist. It is necessary to have a whole team of specialize doctors!

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The procedure cost is very high: around $40,000 or more.

The benefit? The person can remain in an induce coma for many hours without moving or feeling anything, and this would make the most of the session. In addition, there are no alterations in the blood since it flows well and does not affect the result or the healing.

The tattoo artist Joaquín Ganga, known as Ganga Tattoo, has the first to publicize this procedure, being the famous singer Post Malone, the client chosen to carry it out.

His studio works hand in hand with a team of professionals, doctors, and tattoo artists who work side by side in the same session, being able to perform several tattoos simultaneously and accelerate the process with a huge design.

The session is hold in a private clinic in Los Angeles, and, in addition to having the tattoo artists, the moment is also use to perform a dental procedure.

The session have a total duration of 7 hours, the time to make four tattoos.

Undoubtedly, this is very recent, so we cannot determine exactly what benefits or cons we can find in it.

It is a procedure available to a few willing to pay. We emphasize that having a team of specialists is necessary since it is a hazardous and delicate medical procedure.

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