Nowadays, air element tattoo ideas are very popular with the young people. It’s have the symbols the meaningful lead to attraction many people choose this tattoo.

In the field of astrology as well, zodiac signs and traditional elements are intricately linked. The twelve zodiac signs are often described according to their elements in astrology, where Gemini, Aquarius and Libra belong to the air realm.

The portrayal of air elements has taken multiple aspects. For example, in the case of Avatar anime, human beings were believed to be able to ‘bend’ elements. So if you are planning to get one of these aesthetic and mystic tattoos of elements, then read on to find more. This piece covers various ideas and meaningful air element tattoo ideas that you can get inked with!

1. Zodiac Sign x Air Element Tattoo

We heard that you are a fan of tattoos with zodiac signs with air elements? Well, search no more! Here we have the perfect zodiac sign tattoo with an air element. This miniature tattoo has the libra zodiac with the traditional symbol of the air element, an upright triangle with a horizontal line. This design can be tattooed near your elbow or even on your ankle! You can also get tattooed with an Aquarius or Gemini symbol!


2. Air Element Tattoo With Moon And Broken Clover

Tattoos associated with earthly elements are getting very famous nowadays. If you are also looking for a similar design, then your search is over. This work of art could interest you. This particular tattoo design depicts the various stages of the moon, which is enclosed in a diminishing geometric shape. There is a broken Clover structure, and just beneath it is a triangle that is upright. This tattoo signifies life and its ideal body placement is on the upper abdomen, but you can also do it on the waist. Hence, become the epitome of power by getting this tattoo done.

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3. Monochrome Tattoo With Flowers

If you are looking for a cover-up tattoo, then this spiritual-themed tattoo might be a good match for you. This tattoo consists of flowers as well as one crescent moon inked in two sides of the triangle tattoo, indicating the vastness of being. Above the triangle, which is upright, is a symbol that signifies power. This entire tattoo is in a black hue and will work very well as a cover-up tattoo. The ideal body placement of this tattoo will be on the neck, but you can also have it done on the calf, thigh as well as the upper arm. This tattoo will add more strength to your personality!


4. Colourful Flowers x Air Tattoo

If colourful tattoos with deep insights are something that you desire, then this piece of art will surely attract you. This particular tattoo consists of a triangle that is upright, signifying air as an element. In addition, this tattoo consists of picturesque flowers with petals, which signify morality. The tattoo as a whole is the epitome of existence. The colour of the flowers can be customized as per your desire. This tattoo can act as a cover-up tattoo as well. The ideal body placement for this tattoo is on the upper arm, but you can ink on the thigh or collarbone as well.


5. Simple Air Wrist Tattoo


If simple classical tattoos are what you desire, then you can take this particular tattoo into consideration. This is an air element symbol tattoo that depicts a triangle that is upright with diminishing patterns within it. These patterns signify flexibility which is necessary for existence. The properties of this element tattoo are intimately linked with the mighty planet Jupiter which is strength personified, and this tattoo will showcase the strength in your nature. The ideal placement for this tattoo is the wrist due to its petite size, but you can also ink it on your ankles, waist, or on your back.

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