Abandoned Cat Thanks His New Mom With Lots Of Love And Affection

As the COVID-19 epidemic spreads and has an economic impact over the world, we’re noticing an increase in pet abandonment. Every day, more helpless animals are left to fend for themselves, with little hope of ever finding a new home.

This cat, like so many others, was just abandoned on the streets by his former owners, but he was lucky enough to find a new mommy whom he can’t stop licking on the face as a thank you.

A mom discovered a defenseless cat hiding beneath her son’s car in San Bernardino, California, on a hot, bright day. The unfortunate kitten was urgently looking for a place to hide from the sweltering heat.

And the coldest spot he could locate was beneath the automobile.

The woman decided to contact the Cats of San Bernardino (CSB), a local nonprofit rescue organisation that aids stray cats, because the cat didn’t appear to be in good health.

A CSB volunteer, Jaina, dashed to the scene and approached the cat gently. She was taken aback by how calm the cat was. He was completely accustomed to being in the company of humans.

Jaina was successful in luring the cat into a cage and transporting it to a veterinarian for an examination. Aside from the obvious fact that he was terribly emaciated and had a bald area on his forehead, the veterinarian noticed something else.

The cat had been neutered earlier, suggesting that he had previously belonged to someone.

The veterinarian treated the swelling bald area on her forehead and prescribed antibiotics for the kitten. Throughout the examination, the cat, who was used to being around people, remained quiet and comfortable.

Valentino was the name given to the cat by the caring woman. It didn’t take long for Valentino to demonstrate his true principles.

During the first several days, Valentino stayed distant. He was still dehydrated at first and needed to be properly monitored. After a few days, the kitty began to regain some weight.

Even his bald areas on his body started to go away. Valentino was a completely different cat two weeks after coming at Jaina’s residence.

He wasn’t the same calm and aloof cat he used to be. Valentino morphed into a clingy, playful cat that could sit on Jaina’s chest for hours, licking her on the nose.

The once-abandoned cat is undeniably thankful for all of the love and attention he has gotten, and licking his mother on the nose is only one way he expresses his gratitude.

Source: petstv.net

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