A Taylor Swift fan asked a Southwest pilot to fly over the pop star’s concert in Los Angeles — and to her surprise, he obliged.

Samantha Meany, who goes by the username @idkitssammy on TikTok, posted a video sharing a conversation between her and a Southwest pilot. The video, which was posted on Thursday, has since garnered 7.4 million views.

In the video, Meany can be heard asking a flight attendant if she could enter the cockpit and ask the pilot a question.

“So I was looking at the flight path of where we’re going to go from here to LA, are we going to fly over Inglewood?” she said in the video. The pilot responded that the plane would indeed fly over Inglewood.

“Because the Taylor Swift concert is happening right there right now, and I’d think that would be super cool if we fly over it,” she continued, adding that she “couldn’t go to the concert” so she hoped to fly over the concert venue.

She goes on to explain that her birthday will be taking place the following day, at which point the pilot asks if she’d ever been inside a cockpit before. She told him it was her first time, after which he invited her to step inside and even took a picture of her in his seat.


Not the pilot insulting me 😂 Did you guys know you can just walk up here???? #southwestairlines #taylorswift #flying #pilot

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In another video posted on Friday, Meany shared that the pilot’s name is Max. She clarified in the video that she didn’t approach him mid-flight but during a layover.

“I did not know that the stadium was covered. So yes, we did fly directly over it, and I was like, oh shoot, there’s a roof,” she said in the video, referring to SoFi Stadium, where Swift has been performing and will hold her seventh consecutive show on Wednesday.

“All we really got to see of the concert was all of the traffic that was waiting to pick up the people, I guess, that was about to end,” she continued, adding that she was “sorry” that the “view was a disappointment.”

Meany told Insider that she’s been a fan of Taylor Swift “pretty much her whole music career.”

“I wanted to go to her concert in LA for my 29th birthday, but the tickets were so expensive. A trip to Hawaii for my friend and I was less expensive than ONE ticket for her concert!” she added.

Several users on TikTok shared how the pilot was “so sweet” for accommodating @idkitssammy’s request.

“I love this!! I won’t even send food back and you’re giving him directions. Love it!!” one user wrote.

Another user commented: “Pilot probably never get convo like this so that was cute.”

Other users said they were surprised that passengers could actually speak to the pilot.

“Why did I always think that pilots were these secret off limits secret agents that no one could see or talk to?” one user said.

Southwest did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment sent outside regular office hours.