A ‘profoundly isolated’ stray cat discovered friendship and ultimately, a home through a screen door, thanks to the kindness of a compassionate human.

Maurice lived on the street all of his life. The cautious stray didn’t know who to trust or where to call home. Then one day, the young cat saw two indoor cats flirting with him from the other side of their house’s door — and his life has never been the same since.
In 2021, Maurice showed up every time Valerie May worked in her garden. But it wasn’t long before the stray noticed two indoor cats peering out of a doorway.

“He began to spend a lot of time chirping at them through the screen door,” May told The Dodo. “My kitties seemed intrigued by him — not at all threatened or territorial.”
After a few weeks of this, May opened the door for Maurice and let him inside.

“I tried to find out if any of the neighbors knew where he came from, and the vet scanned him for a chip, but his story remains a mystery,” May said.
Maurice didn’t allow much petting at first, but acted as though he accepted this new life right away.

“He sleeps indoors, sometimes on the bed, and hangs out with [our two cats], Fifi and Muggsy, in their safe, enclosed backyard,” May said. “He seems so satisfied being with us.”

Since his rescue, Maurice has completely transformed. His fur has grown thick and shiny, and he’s no longer searching for his next meal.

“It’s so gratifying knowing that one of these formerly homeless kitties is safe,” May said. “I’m spending as much time as I can with him during what I think of as his ‘transitional’ phase — as he learns to be tame and to trust us.”
May first knew of Maurice years ago when her cat, Edie, brought Maurice to the house. Edie eventually passed due to medical issues, and Maurice disappeared for a while after. Then, one day, he came back.

Though Maurice misses his first real friend, he’s finally ready to open up to new cats and new experiences of indoor life.
“Maurice showed up in the alley for dinner, and every evening after that,” May said. “We are so happy to give him what he has so very much wanted and needed for so long. No animal should be so lonely. We look forward to watching his personality unfold as he feels more confident and secure.”

Source: thedodo.com

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