A lonely kitten’s world brightens when another cat welcomes him into her loving family.

A mother cat and her pups were found on the streets and sent to the Best Friends Felines shelter in Brisbane, Australia, to give them a second shot at life. When they arrived at the rescue center, the mother cat was still afraid of people, but he gradually came out of his shell.

The caring mother of the kittens gradually allowed her carers to approach her and her offspring; she was given food and symbols of affection, and she was able to show off her sweet nature.

A lonely kitten was taken into the care of the rescue center around the same time. Flavian, a 4-week-old kitten, was in desperate need of motherly care and affection.

According to the foster mother,

“They discovered him alone and took him to a veterinary facility.” When he was turned over to the vets, he was really frail. A call was made to check if any carers were available to assist him. We wanted to see if Eleni would accept so that she might have a mother and siblings.”

When the cat was first introduced to the kitten, she strolled over gently to smell and examine it, and after a few licks, she welcomed it as one of her own.

Nikki continued:

“From the time they met, Eleni welcomed Flavian and began grooming him.”

Flavian rapidly became a member of Eleni’s family, enjoying the companionship of his new mother and four adopted siblings, cuddles, and constantly wanting to be in the arms of the loving cat that seemed to know exactly what the tiny one need. and did not abandon him at any point

Added the shelter volunteer:

“Eleni loved Flavian more than her own infants when she first came, so she made up for missed time with plenty of showers and embraces.”

The beautiful kittens appeared to be quite thrilled about the new addition to their family, and they were having a lot of fun playing and racing about the room.

Nikki, relieved, recounts:

“He has been totally welcomed and sleeps and plays with his new siblings, as well as snuggles with Eleni, who in turn looks after him. He is self-feeding and does not want to be breastfed, therefore when Eleni’s other children are nursing, Flavian typically plays and then snuggles with his mother.”

The beautiful kitten is a week older than his foster siblings and has taken command of the pack; he is a very smart guy, and his foster brothers immediately followed his lead after he learned how to utilize the sandbox.

The complete family of kittens has flourished thanks to foster care and are now ready to go on a new chapter in their lives.

Nikki continues:

“The five tiny ones love chasing Mama Eleni around the room and pouncing on her tail. They like cuddling with people and each other, and are frequently spotted in huge cat pools all about Eleni.”

Source: petstv.net

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