A Kitten with Oversized Paws Chooses to Stay with the Woman Who Provided Shelter and Becomes Fast Friends with Her Other Cats

Last month, Tara (@mickeythemanxkitty) was picking up some patio stones when a man told her about his neighbor whose cats needed new homes. “His neighbor had kittens that she was trying to get rid of, as they were moving and could only take one cat,” Tara shared with Love Meow.

Tara who has rescued and adopted several cats and dogs, went to visit the family and noticed one of the kittens was a polydactyl with curly ears. She went home to drop off the stones, but couldn’t stop thinking about them.

“I figured this was a meant-to-be situation. How else would this happen? So I went back.”

By the time she returned, the kitten with many extra toes was the only one that still needed a home—the others had been adopted. “The man I got the stones from, was afraid the neighbor might just let him go, so I told her I’d take the baby.”

The kitten, named Max, was nine weeks old and eager to be loved. “When he came home he was an instant cuddle-bug, purring and very vocal.”

As soon as Max settled into his new digs, he would run up to his human for snuggles. He quickly learned to command attention by crawling onto Tara’s lap, chest or climbing up her leg.

In no time, Max’s meows and the commotion from his zoomies piqued the interest of other furry residents, including Surry the gentle rescue pup, Mira the sweet wobbly tortie, and Mickey the fearless scooter cat.

“I introduced him to Mickey (who has Manx Syndrome) the following day, and they hit it off instantly. They are constantly playing and wrestling. Max never stops and I don’t think Mickey can believe he was ever like that,” Tara told Love Meow.

“When Max finally tires himself out, they end up becoming cuddle buddies.”

When Max came home from his first vet visit, he was a bit overwhelmed from the trip. Mickey seemed to know just what he needed and scooted over to offer some TLC.

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