A kitten abandoned in a flower pot thrives under the nurturing care of kind-hearted individuals, who provide the love and support needed for its miraculous transformation.

Little Wanderers NYC, a New York-based animal rescue organization, got an urgent plea about a newborn kitten that needed to be rescued towards the end of December. The kitten had been abandoned in a little pot and was saved by a really good individual who chose to act because she didn’t notice a mother around.

This wonderful individual searched the neighborhood but was unable to locate the mother cat or any additional kittens. Olivia from Little Wanderers rushed the cat to a specialist foster home right away.

“A baby was placed in a flowerpot in the driveway of a Woodhaven, Queens, resident’s home. Tiny Tim (at the time, they assumed the kitten was a male) is the name we’ve given to this tiny survivor, and he’s amazingly strong.”

The adorable gray kitten was around 48 hours old and very hungry when he arrived at the rescue center; as soon as he came, the kitten shown a remarkable vigor and clutched to the bottle as if there was no tomorrow. Because the kitten was so little, it required the continual warmth of an incubator and was fed every 1-2 hours during the day.

They found the kitten was a girl once it grew up, but the name they gave her stayed.

Angela continues:

“I’ve been referring to her as Tiny.” Every time she cleansed her butt, she yelled. She demonstrated to me that she had the courage and will to live ».

Tiny was regaining strength by leaps and bounds, shocking her adoptive mother with her abilities. He learnt to eat from a dish on his own in such a short period, and his happy and cheerful attitude shone through.

“She jumped out of her playpen a couple times and is now able to run freely throughout my house.” Everyone loves to play with Tiny because she believes everything is a toy.”

Tiny has come a long way since she was discovered in a flowerpot. She is currently a lovely little kitten that is in excellent health. Little Wanderers NYC is seeking for new foster volunteers in New York City; there are a lot of cases coming in every day, and cats and kittens in need of particular care.

Source: petstv.net

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