A compassionate man rescues a timid kitten and gradually introduces her to love, one comforting cuddle at a time.

One of them was especially fearful.

Will of Flatbush Cats, a TNR rescue group in Brooklyn, was contacted about four little kittens who had been living on a residential street. The kittens were very scared and hissy.

Due to their location, rescuers had to get them somewhere else safe, where they could thrive. “We had a plan and moved quickly,” Will said.

The kittens were completely terrified of people due to lack of human contact. They were huddled up together in the corner and would hiss and swat if anyone came near. One of them, Franny, was especially frightened.

With some food, Will saw hope in the little hissy kitty right before his eyes. “The moment when a scared kitten takes its first few licks of baby food is very special. You can hear a fragile new life taking shape. They don’t know what lies ahead. But you do.”

Alison, a volunteer, took them in to foster. She put in extra time and work to make sure that the kittens were ready for indoor life. After a month of socialization, she began to see the rewards – Franny and her siblings started purring, seeking attention, and enjoying playtime.

Franny’s siblings acclimated to human touch pretty quickly, but the tabby girl had been working through her fear – For a while, she was actively processing this conflict between trust and fear.

“This has been a challenging crew because they were older (10+ weeks) and very scared when we brought them in,” Will added.

With another few weeks of one-on-one socialization, Franny grew to enjoy pets and cuddles with her human friends.

“I know love will win. She’s made terrific progress and I’m enjoying swat-free cuddles every day,” Will said.

The sweet kitty is finally ready for her forever home.

After five months, she’s gone from that terrified, hissy kitten to a confident love-bug.

“Whenever I see Franny soaking up a sunbeam, warm and comfy, I think about what she might be doing right now if we hadn’t come along,” Will said.

Source: lovemeow.com

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