A cat with missing paws finds solace in cozy cuddles with its nurturing foster mom.

Not everyone believes in love at first sight, but it’s the only way to explain the instantaneous relationship that developed between this cat and the lady who rescued him.

Sara Rivers, a 25-year-old counselor at the Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly), the Philadelphia region’s largest animal shelter service organization, was at work as usual a few months ago when her boss informed her of a 6-month-old cat in surgery who would require immediate promotion (i.e. calls for support from rescue organizations to take animals into their no-kill shelters).

She recalls her first contact with the cat that would eventually be affectionately known as Nubbies. “I walked back to surgery and knew I wanted to be his foster as soon as I saw him,” Rivers told The Dodo.

When Nubbies arrived at the shelter, he was in bad shape. Even Rivers, who confesses to seeing a lot of animals in bad conditions, was taken aback by Nubbies’ state. “On his two right legs, he was missing both paws. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen.”

The shelter’s veterinary team assumed Nubbies had been injured and was having difficulty recuperating on his own, however it’s unknown what exactly occurred to the cat. Nubbies was soon given pain medication and antibiotics, but he still had a long journey ahead of him. Rivers stepped in after that, not just as Nubbies’ foster parent, but also as his most ardent supporter.

Nubbies’ condition would be challenging for most animals, but because of his lively and attention-seeking disposition, it was extremely difficult for him. According to Rivers, it was difficult for him to keep still while he was healing since he loves to crawl and hurl himself onto people’s laps.

But, even when he’s upset, he’s resilient and able to stay affectionate. “Another adorable aspect of Nubbies is the time we spend with him after his ‘dips’ [medical baths],” Rivers remarked. “We have to wash his nubbies in a tiny bowl and then air dry him before putting him back in his box, which takes approximately 5-10 minutes.” We can hear him purring like a machine even when his paws are in the dip, or when they’re totally wet, which I’m sure isn’t very nice.”

Despite the fact that Nubbies is unable to accomplish much due to his cast and injuries, he enjoys eating, according to Rivers. She said, “He also enjoys being indulged with hugs and snuggles.”

Despite his injuries, Rivers has quickly fallen in love with Nubbies. “I’ve promised myself that I’ll never foster another cat, but if Nubbies continues to prove what a wonderful addition he would be to our family, I might have to break my promise,” Rivers joked.

Source: petstv.net

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