A cat with immense, hopeful eyes yearns for affection and companionship, holding onto the dream of a brighter tomorrow.

With painstaking care, lots of love and proper medications, the tabby named Tom Cuddleston began to improve.

As he got healthier, his penchant for cuddles grew exponentially. “He turned into an absolute cuddle muffin filled with love and delight.”
“I have never met a cat that loves cuddles and snuggles as much as he does. He is unbelievably affectionate, gentle, and sweet. He sits in my lap, allows tummy rubs and foot massages, and will soak up as much attention as we can give him,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

He chirped when Jen called out to him, crawled into her lap when she sat down, and gently nudged her face when she leaned into him.

“He starts meowing as soon as we walk in the room. He’ll follow me around until I sit down, then he’ll climb into my lap and soak up cuddles. He’ll take breaks every once in a while to go ‘make biscuits’ on his favorite blanket, then he’ll come back over for more love.”

Tom is the embodiment of a love-bug. He enjoys being cradled like a baby and will stretch those happy toe beans of his in the air, while purring up a storm. He begs for attention and pets as soon as someone enters the room, and won’t take no for an answer.

Despite being blind, Tom adapts quickly to new surroundings and can navigate around effortlessly. “He knows where everything is and has his favorite spots.”

One day out of the blue, Tom decided to give toys a try. Within minutes, he figured out how to play with them, using his other senses. He was able to catch a moving feather toy with amazing accuracy, when hearing the jingle from the bell or feeling the breeze as the toy whooshed by.

The sweet cuddle-bug has moved past his health crisis and is searching for a place of his very own.

“His positive FIV/FELV status (both of which cause immunodeficiency issues in cats) means he may have a shortened life, but he is 100% adoptable, lovable, huggable, and worth loving and caring for.” Jen shared with Love Meow. “You haven’t truly known love until you’ve received a head bonk from Tom-Tom.”

Recently, Tom was transferred to a new foster home where he could be the center of attention and get cuddles on demand. As soon as he arrived, he went on quite the excursion around his new abode.

“He nuzzled his nose into every corner, rubbed his cheeky-cheeks against every piece of furniture, felt the wind and gloveless hands rustle his fur, sniffed fresh air, zoomie-zoomed after his favorite toys, climbed onto couches, chairs, and into his fosters’ laps and hearts,” Jen said.

“While Tom loves everyone he meets, he is somehow capable of making every single person that crosses his path feel like the most special and loved individual in the world,” Tom’s new foster family shared.

“To meet Tom is to love Tom — and to feel loved by Tom.”

“He is 100% capable of climbing onto the couch and into your lap for the most amazing cuddles you’ve ever experienced. He is a truly remarkable and loving cat.”

Tom is enjoying life as a spoiled, indoor cat and hopes that someday he will share his abundance of love with the family of his dreams.

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