A cat mama meows at a fish bistro every day to get food for her kittens.

Being a single mom is always tough even for animals and cats are no exception, especially when they often give birth to four or six kittens at once. Things would be much simpler for home cats as most of them have a trustable owner to count on, but for stray or feral cats, it’s not easy at all. These young moms have to work hard by themselves to make sure their babies could go to sleep each day with a full belly and a happy heart.

The pawsome stray calico cat in this story does just that. On a cold Christmas day, she brought her four newborn kittens to a supermarket, looking for a warm place to shelter them from the elements. And thanks to the kindness of the supermarket owner, the whole family got to stay there. She promised them to keep an eye on them until the kittens fully grew up.

The kind-hearted girl does give them food, but the fearless cat mama is determined to do the job herself. So every day, she heads out to a fish bistro nearby, meowing at their door loudly to demand some raw fish for her babies.

Lucky for her, the owner of the bistro is a free-handed lady who doesn’t mind sharing a few fishes with that brave mama.

The cat often enjoys her fresh meal right there, but she doesn’t forget to bring most of the treat back home to feed her kids either!

Thanks to the fishmonger’s generosity, the kittens are growing up really fast, they all look nice and healthy.

Just take a look at their interesting daily life:

Kudos to this wonderful mommy and these two amazing ladies, they have done an incredibly great job raising these adorable kittens!

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