A Cat And A Wild Deer Form The Most Magical Friendship

Orphans of the Storm rescued Lulu from a hoarding situation and swiftly placed her in a lovely foster family. When Lulu first met her foster family, she was apprehensive. She’d never had a loving family before, and everyone understood it would take a while for her to adjust.

Jennifer Burke, Lulu’s foster mother, told The Dodo, “She is quite bashful and gets afraid often.” “As a result, we’re taking our time with her to properly socialize her and demonstrate to her that people are capable of kindness and love… She’s grown to appreciate being petted and rubbed over time. She also enjoys having her belly stroked! It’s been a lot of pleasure working with her since she’s so kind.

Lulu shared a room with her foster brother, Felix, when she initially arrived in her foster home. The two got along swimmingly for a while, until Felix eventually found his final home. Burke was concerned that Lulu would miss having a playmate, but she didn’t have to wait long to make a new one.

A local deer began frequenting the family’s yard about a month after Lulu had settled into her foster home. The family is used to deer passing by, but they don’t normally stay as long as this one. They named her Dolly, and the entire family, especially Lulu, grew quite close to her.

Burke explained, “I observed Dolly outdoors and knew she was in view of our foster room, which is in our basement.” “As a result, I dashed downstairs to see if Lulu was gazing out the window. Lulu was perched on the top of the cat tree in front of the window, observing Dolly. And Dolly was keeping an eye on Lulu! ”

Lulu and Dolly were enthralled with one other, and the more Dolly visited, the more enthralled they became. The two began to feel quite at ease when they were near each other, and the loveliest relationship bloomed in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Lulu was quite interested in Dolly,” Burke explained. “She didn’t appear to be terrified in the least.” Dolly used to stand back and observe Lulu from afar. Dolly, on the other hand, didn’t take long to come up to the window and gnaw on the branches adjacent to the house. The first time Dolly got so near, Lulu was a little cautious. But it no longer bothers her in the least. While Dolly sits at the window, she has even fallen asleep on the perch.”

Dolly now visits the yard many times each day, and the family assumes it’s because of Lulu. Dolly enjoys checking in on her feline pal and appears to be genuinely concerned about her well-being.

“She tends to check in with Lulu, staring in her way regularly, even if she isn’t directly at Lulu’s window,” Burke added.

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